There are plenty of things to consider when a homeowner is looking for a great home security company. Among those include how well the company can protect the property, but also the price, the reliability, and other factors. Considering all of those things can help any consumer locate the company that’s right for them and their needs. Doing research can help, as can comparing one company to another to find the best option based on a specific situation. Homeowners who do that generally feel better about their choices — and that choice could be between Moni Security and Simplisafe.

Moni Security: What It Offers

Moni is one of the companies most homeowners will want to consider. If they have a Nest smart thermostat, Moni can work with it. That’s a big draw for a lot of Nest users, but not for other homeowners. However, the smartphone app is a good choice and will allow the control of locks and much more even if the homeowner is somewhere else. Additionally, Moni provides:

  • a professional install
  • service after a sale
  • a comprehensive plan
  • a system with value

But not everyone is happy with Moni and what they are able to get from it. According to Consumer Affairs, Moni has a number of complaints based on their contracts. The fees are a problem, but the biggest issue is that Moni doesn’t seem to want to let people cancel their contracts. Some people say it has taken them months, and they are still fighting with the company to have the contract fully canceled. That can be a serious concern for any homeowner looking at a security company.


Simplisafe: What People Really Get

With Simplisafe, a homeowner gets an award-winning home security system that is easy to use and set up. A benefit of this system over Moni is that there isn’t any long-term contract needed which lowers the amount of SimpliSafe complaints out on the internet. Additionally, people who use Simplisafe can get:

  • monitoring on a 24/7 basis
  • options for HD video
  • An easy set-up
  • A price that’s lower than many other options
  • Smartphone control choices
  • Pet-friendly protection

Having a high level of control and a number of options helps people use Simplisafe’s monitoring more easily.


Ready to Pick a Security Company?

Homeowners want a high-quality security company. It’s very important for those who are looking into a company for the first time and those who have left the company they were with and are seeking out a new one. The right company will meet their actual needs.

Selecting a security company is a personal decision for any homeowner, and that company should be one that can provide the homeowner with what they specifically want, instead of more generic options.

When consumers choose monitored security companies that are the best for their needs, they will be more likely to be satisfied with those companies. Moni and Simplisafe may work for some people, but for others there could be far better company choices.

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