Alarms can protect you a lot more than you think. If you don’t have an alarm in your house, its pretty likely that at least one person who knows about it has thought about breaking into your house. Maybe not seriously, but typically burglars are people who live within two miles from your home and are often enough members of the family. A common time for family members to break into your home are weddings and funerals when they know you are not going to be there.

Another time someone will be able to take note that you don’t have an active alarm system is during a fake door-to-door sales visit. Someone asking you to sign a petition may be listening for signs of beeping when the door opens or looking for a security camera. So not having security might make you a bigger target than you might think.


Why Professionally Monitored

Well besides the fact that nobody really has the time to monitor their own security all of the time, in order to have your alarm system automatically call emergency services for you usually requires a permit, which are a hassle to get and cost money. If you don’t have a permit and you have a self-monitored security system call the cops for example, you’re probably looking at a pretty steep fine, depending on where you live.

So What Makes a Good Monitored Alarm System?

One of the trickiest parts about home security is making sure that every possible entry point is secured. Even if you have window sensors on every window for example, the burglar might just bi-pass it by breaking the window.  That’s one of the reasons Protect America is going to recommend that you add a glass break sensor to your customized security. There are plenty of other examples I could go through, but the important point I am trying to make is that you need to make sure that you have enough equipment to keep your home protected. If you want to do your own research and figure out all the ways your home might be vulnerable to a break-in our recent blog about thinking like a master burglar might be a good starting point.

So a good monitored alarm system is going to be one that has the least vulnerabilities at the lowest cost to the customer. Protect America knows that one of the biggest issues with home security is having to buy a ton of equipment up front if someone is truly serious about being protected. Not to mention that only having some of your home protected won’t really offer most people very much peace of mind. The solution to this is getting a good deal and committing to a company that is serious about protecting you home. Protect America will give you up to $1400 in free equipment and will fully program and customize your security before ever shipping it to your home.

Best Monitored Alarm Systems

So what are the best companies for getting your entire home protected without having to spend a bunch of money?

Protect America

As I said earlier, with Protect America you’re going to get a lot of equipment without having to pay any up-front costs. You’re also going to get a lifetime warranty on all of your equipment without having to pay anything extra. You’re equipment can also be added to Z-Wave smart applications so you can really extend your home to a smart home without having to change out any equipment with ease. Professional monitoring plans start as low as $19.99 and without having to pay a bunch of money up front, what do you have to lose? You also have a 14 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your service. Get a free quote and talk to a security professional today.

Guardian Protection

Another decent company is Guardian Protection. Unfortunately their equipment is not as portable as Protect America’s, but they do offer equipment moving services. They have some pretty good equipment if you’re willing to get it installed and pay a little extra up front. They are not available in every state and they don’t provide equipment for apartments.



Frontpoint is also a pretty good option if you’re looking to get your entire home protected. They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee and have lots of equipment options. Just like with Guardian, if you’re willing to pay more up-front, you can get a pretty good security system. The main drawbacks to Frontpoint are that they only offer a 3 year warranty and make you pay extra to extend it. On top of that they charge a lot more for monitoring, which does not include your equipment. With Frontpoint, you’re paying for your equipment up-front as opposed to Protect America where you’re essentially paying off your equipment as you pay for your monitoring service, which is lower. So you’re getting way more for what you pay for with Protect America.