Monitronics is a national alarm company with independent authorized dealers across the country. They provide home security monitoring, equipment, and installation for homes and businesses. Monitronics claims to provide complete services, however their business model says otherwise.


Good for the company, bad for the customer

Monitronics operates through dealerships. While there are advantages to this, they mostly benefit Monitronics rather than their customers. The primary reason this is viewed as negative is because you have to deal with your local authoritative dealers individually. In other words, a Monitronics system purchased in your city might not be as good a deal as one bought elsewhere.

Surprisingly, Monitronics doesn’t offer all the devices found through other companies. Would you want to take your chances at a Monitronics dealership in your city when you can find a home security company that will be consistent across the board? Monitronics doesn’t offer a wide variety of packages to fit your specific needs. This may partially be an issue due to different dealerships having different equipment. Be sure that your local dealer has all the devices you want. It is possible for you to purchase a Monitronics system from a dealership, which has worse quality products than one purchased elsewhere. It is also possible that your local dealer cannot even provide you with all the necessary equipment.

Sneaky sales strategies & lack of customer support

Monitronics claims to offer complete service… but there’s a catch. Monitronics offers “customer support” and attempts to resolve issues over the phone. Beware however, the customer service number on the website redirects you to a sales specialist. Once you are connected to an authorized local dealer by phone, you will have access to their resources. However, in order to find out the availability of a service plan, you will not be able to obtain any information without signing up for a plan first. That doesn’t seem fair.

According to this upset customer review,

Monitronics is a company that lies and cheats their customers. Plus, you can never reach them on the phone.

Another customer wrote this review about his negative experiences with Monitronics:

I am going into my 4th week with ABSOLUTELY no security!! I have spoken to several “Resolution Experts” to no avail. The contractor assigned to fix my problem either never shows up or comes unannounced on a date that I specifically say I’m not available. I am fed up and really won’t nothing to do with this company anymore.


High price points

There have been complaints about confusion around price points at Monitronics. In addition, finding important information can be somewhat of a grueling task. Potential customers must call in to learn about pricing, installing, cancellation policies, activation fees, etc. Additionally, their cheapest package starts at $34.95. At Protect America, base packages start at $19.99, and all pricing information is available for anyone to see online.

Every 13 seconds, a home intrusion is committed. For this reason, you should invest in a home security system to protect your home and family from the possibility of a burglary. Choosing a home security company takes time and research. We suggest Protect America for a simple, customizable, and affordable safety solution.