Monitronics Security Systems are continually changing and revamping their equipment and services to keep up with the need and wants of homeowners looking for an extra layer of safety.  Buying directly from Monitronics will save an arm and a leg rather than going through a secondary sales’ business.

Monitronics has an old vibe to their company but like Buick is doing to their brand, they are working on revamping it.  They grow their business throughout the nation with authorized dealerships (such as Security Networks) who get sales and later sell the contract over to Monitronics.  Buying through a dealer means you will pay more than if you were to buy directly from the company.

1. Knowing the Pros and Cons


  • Monitronics Security has been in the business of security systems for over 20 years.
  • Touchscreen panels help with customization and easy arming and disarming.
  • Remotely controlling any security system is preferred when the benefit is available.
  • Home automation works cohesively with Montitronics to help create a full home automation system.
  • Monitronics service is available nationwide.


  • Monitronics does not make renter-friendly security systems.
  • Contract terms as long as five years
  • Monitronics is BBB accredited but has no positive or negative reviews.
  • High initial costs are a drawback to consider fully.
  • While progressive, slower than some companies in releasing high tech equipment


2. Initial Costs

Monitronics Security Systems have three packages they offer. 

  • Installation:  $0-99.  Monitronics often provides the sales perks of free installation.
  • Activation:  $99-199.  Expect $99-199 to get their security system up and going.
  • Packages:  Monitornics have three different packages.
  • Equipment:  The cost of equipment varies depending on what someone wants to meet their specific needs.

3. A Trio of Package Options

Basic security package includes: 

  • Touchscreen panel
  • One pet-sensitive motion detector
  • One key remote
  • Three doors/window sensors
  • Warning yard sign and decal stickers

$34.95 a month plus $99 installation plus activation fees

HomeTouch security package includes:

  • Everything available in the Basic Package
  • Arm or disarm security system from a smart device
  • Weather alerts
  • Security smart device app

$42.95 a month plus $99 installation plus activation.fees

HomeTouch premier security package includes:

  • Everything in the Basic Package and HomeTouch packages
  • Two lighting modules
  • One image sensor
  • Two-way audio panel
  • Ability to adjust lighting
  • Secure access to live video
  • Automation of locks, thermostats and other appliances

4. Getting a Sense of Sensors and Features

Sensors are the root of alerts and protection. And the variety means an entire home or property has the ability to be fully covered.

Monitronics Security Systems offers the following sensors:

  • Door and window sensors
  • Moisture sensors
  • Motion detector
  • Glass breakage detector
  • Freeze sensor
  • Shock sensor
  • Heat or smoke detector
  • Key fob and medical remote
  • Security cameras
  • Light module
  • Smart door locks
  • Smart thermostats


5. Process of Protection

Most companies come with DIY kids, these days. However, Monitronics Security System installs their own equipment.

  • Decide:  Which type of security system suits the situation best: basic, digital or automationUpgrading later is always an option. However, it is ideal to get what is needed the first time around.
  • Schedule:  Planning a good time for Monitronics to install their equipment is both helpful to the consumer and company. The sooner means quick protection.
  • Go time:  The Monitronics Security Systems may require several hours
  • Security Achieved:  The technician has advised how every component works and how to arm and disarm.  The instructions will likely include showing how to control the alarm system with the app, setting up a verbal password, and key code.

Questions may arise after the security technician leaves. Companies like Protect America are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer questions and concerns about the security system. The trained professionals offer free quotes and installations if a reinstallation becomes an issue for a variety of issues. With a price match guarantee, Protect America is worth a peek while going through the process of protection.