Moon Security has been a mainstay in home for customers in the eastern portion of Washington State since 1957. Residents from the Columbia Basin to Northern Idaho region have come to trust this seasoned team that keeps its customers’ protection needs at the forefront of their operations. Best Security notes that the company currently has a roster of more than 5,000 installed burglar and fire alarm systems, CCTV surveillance systems and controlled access systems under their care. 


Residential Services Offered by Moon Security

Moon Security relies on Honeywell cellular equipment to meet many of its needs to provide quality monitoring and protection services to residential customers. The key services that this company provides include the following: 

  • Custom-Designed Home Security Systems. The owners and management team of Moon Security understand that every homeowner has his or her own needs for home security, in terms of features, budget and more. The home security team will sit down with customers to learn precisely what their concerns are and how they might best meet and exceed them.
  • Video Surveillance. The best video security is 24/7 monitored video surveillance. Moon Security’s team offers this feature—using high-quality camera equipment—to ensure the deterrence, detection and capture of live video of any issues on the property.
  • Fire and CO2 Emissions Monitoring. Area customers appreciate the value of going to sleep and knowing that a gas leak will not go undetected when they invest in Moon’s fire and carbon monoxide emissions monitoring services. The company inspects each customer’s home before installing a system that they can then monitor 24/7.
  • Smart Home Controls. Families are increasingly investing in smart home technologies. Moon Security has stepped up and offers services to help make this investment easier to manage.

Moon Security Pricing

Prospective customers are not likely to find out more information about Moon Security’s fees until they meet for a consultation. The website does not disclose the fees for their services, which can prove frustrating for residents—particularly residents on a specific budget—looking for ways to narrow down their top choices. Home security competitors that place their fees on their website tend to attract more motivated prospects. 

Moon Security Reviews 2018

Things start off well for the Washington security company with its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Many customers, while searching for the best in home security, benefit most from reviews from existing or former customers. The reviews for Moon Security vary with customers appreciating the services themselves, but they find some elements of customer service and billing to be inconsistent and sometimes incorrect.


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