Moon Security is a Washington-based company that has been protecting homes and businesses since the late 1950’s. They provide Honeywell cellular monitoring home security systems with fire, flood and remote access capabilities. Moon Security can provide you with Alarm Patrol Response, Professional Answering Services, Uniformed Guard Service, 24-hour Central Dispatch Service, and Medical Alert Emergency Monitoring. However, their range is limited throughout Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon. Moon Security also charges sky-high prices for their monthly monitoring plans and an additional expensive up-front costs for installation and equipment.


Astronomical Prices

Moon Security charges a very high fee for their monthly monitoring. With a 3-year contract, you’ll be locked into a rate of $47.90 a month, not including the installation and equipment fees. By the end of your contract with Moon Security, you will have spent exactly $1,724.40 in monitoring fees alone! At Protect America, you’ll spend over $1,000 less for the same length of coverage with our Copper Package. We’re so confident that our promotions are the best price available online for wireless home security systems, we’re willing to put money on it to back our claim. If you find a lower price for the same amount of wireless home security systems we offer, we’ll match the price using our Low Price Guarantee policy.

The Dark Side of Moon Security’s Packages?

Moon Security packages are a great start to your home security system. They each consist of the following:

  •  1 Lynx 5100 control panel alarm
  • 3 door/window sensors
  • 1 motion sensor
  • 1 key fob

However, the affordability of their services and equipment is lacking. In addition to the $47.90 a month, you’ll also have to pay for all your equipment up-front. This cost is estimated at about $350 to get started and installation pricing may vary. Consider a more affordable company. Protect America provides free equipment and installation. We enjoy giving your wallet a break while still providing 24-hour coverage.

Space-Age Name, Stone-Age Services

For a company that has been around for so long, there are not very many reviews online about Moon Security. However, the reviews that do exist boast very little about the company’s customer service capabilities. This consumer had an unpleasant experience with the customer service that Moon Security hardly provided them:

Very behind the times and inconsiderate company to deal with. Rude people working for them. I would never recommend anyone ever have any dealings with Moon Security if they want a professional job done or expect and kind of decent customer service.

Customer service says a lot about a company and the way customers get treated while conducting business. Great customer service can’t come with a double standard. Companies that do it best know that they need happy, engaged employees to have happy customers.


A Stellar Alternative

Typically if a company requires a larger upfront cost they will reduce the contract or the monthly fee, or sometimes both. However, with Moon they ask for $350 upfront and then require 3 years monitoring at $47.90, which is on the higher end of monthly costs for the type of package they offer. At Protect America, you’ll get all your equipment for free with purchase of monthly monitoring. And monthly monitoring costs as little as $19.99 a month. Not only do we give you the best prices, we’ll also guarantee you a lifetime warranty for all your Protect America products.

The Protect America advantage is unlike any other. Why should safeguarding your home involve installation costs or equipment charges? We believe peace of mind is priceless, but it should be affordable nonetheless.