When it comes to protecting your family, more coverage is usually best. This company literally placed the word in their name.

MORzA is a home security offering that comes from the brand Brickhouse, a security company that has been around since 2005 and services the United States. The company offers products for both consumers and businesses and some of their tools take ordinary household items and turn them into home security equipment, including a pen with hidden HD camera, and a DVD player with a built in home security camera.

The home security space is crowded. There’s a plethora of DIY products that come from companies or small startups and many of them seem to offer similar things. So, how does MORzA compare?


The Specs

Like most other options on the market, MORzA is wireless, DIY, and cellular. But unlike many other options, it does come with monitored systems.

Their lowest and standard package begins at $99. Various other packages are available and made specifically for fire safety, medical safety, complete security, or others. These packages range from the base price of $99 all the way up to $579. Packages vary depending on your needs and they can be mixed and matched to suit your preferences.

Each package comes equipped with the Brickhouse security control panel, two or more door or window sensors, a motion detector, and a power adapter and mounting clip to plug in the control panel.

Additional sensors can be added as needed, and the wireless PIR motion detector has a detection range of 30 to 50 ft and won’t go off with pets up to 55 lbs (but it does need to be in a place where people aren’t walking in the pattern of detection).

MORzA offers a few different options for monitoring. The first, Silver Secure, starts at $29.99 and is their standard service. The next option, Gold, allows smartphone integration and is priced at $39.99. The last option, Platinum Video, is the monitoring option that allows you to view live video via your tablet or smartphone. This option is only available for a two year contract and costs $49.99. One camera on this service is $9.99 and each additional camera will cost more money, up until $44.99 for eight cameras.

The MORzA system also comes equipped with crash and smash technology, which means if an intruder ever breaks into your home and destroys your system entirely, an alert will be sent to authorities immediately.


The Takeaway

One of MORzA’s biggest draws is the fact that it combines DIY with cellular monitoring and monitored security. The problem with MORzA’s offering is the price. Once you factor in the upfront costs, monitoring fees, and fees for additional monitoring camera to go a long with your setup, it all gets really expensive. If you opt for the best they have to offer you’ll be looking at an upfront cost of almost $600 dollars, and a monthly fee that will be $54.99 or more. 

If you choose to opt in for a lower priced offering, you won’t have the luxury of live video monitoring or many of the other tools that make home security and automation worth it in the modern age.

Reviews online were also difficult to come by, which isn’t very encouraging and could signal that this isn’t a widely used product.

The company is based in New York City, so the high pricing could have to do with the market in the city.

We suggest to opt for a national carrier that has more of a presence and provides the same features for an affordable price. Home security is a valuable and essential tool and purchasing a system should never put a family in a bind.