With an IR sensor, it’s possible to have a motion detector that works a little bit differently. This security system offers infrared technology instead of typical motion detection, meaning that the homeowner is going to get something that’s not along the same lines of the typical systems. But IR technology — like other types of motion detection — isn’t perfect. Anyone who uses it needs to be aware of that, and needs to understand that there are pros and cons that all should be considered. With motion detection in general, the sensors have to be placed in locations that can pick up on the needed motion easily and quickly.


Because IR motion detection is different from other types of more standard motion detection, it’s necessary to focus on making sure of the placement of the sensors. Then it’s easier for a homeowner to address any problems with the detection, or to make sure the detectors are moved to where they should be so they can do their jobs better in the future. It may take some trial and error testing to get the motion detectors right where they need to be, but at the same time it’s very important to do that as quickly as possible, in order to make sure the homeowner is protected and can have peace of mind, as well.

With an IR Sensor, Motion Detection is Different

There are ways to detect motion that don’t actually sense movement, specifically — and one of those ways is through an IR sensor.

These sensors notice body heat, so when a person or a large animal gets close to them, they can tell that someone or something is there. They won’t know what it is, but that’s true of other motion detection devices, as well.

Instead, they’ll only be able to let the homeowner know that there’s something in the area. Then the homeowner can check things out and decide if there’s a threat or if it was a false alarm. These IR sensors aren’t as sensitive for a wide area as other types of motion detectors, as they need the person to get up close in order to be able to detect the heat from them.

Why Would an IR Sensor be a Better Choice?

The home security system is a very important part of a homeowner’s peace of mind. For some homeowners, an IR sensor is the best choice. Other people may not like this option nearly as much, because they might feel that the sensor isn’t going to pick up on a person being in the area quickly enough or from far enough away. Because of that, these IR sensors aren’t better choices for everyone — but they are definitely better choices for some. That can be true, for example, of locations where there’s a lot of motion, and where standard types of motion sensors are being triggered quite frequently because of that.

Should Some Homeowners Avoid an IR Sensor?

With some homeowners, an IR sensor just isn’t a good idea. A home security and automation company can help them decide if it’s right for them. Homeowners looking into this issue will also want to consider a company that offers:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • ease of installation
  • fast response times
  • newer equipment
  • good customer service

All of those things matter, along with knowledgeable people who can give the homeowner a good idea of whether they should be choosing an IR sensor in their motion detector or another option to better meet their needs.

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