If you want to install a home security system in your house to protect it against burglars and other criminals, you should think about installing some home security cameras. There are many different home security cameras on the market that will not only record footage but will also notify you when it picks something suspicious. One of the best cameras on the market is the Motorola Focus66 B Home Security Camera. If you’re interested in buying this home security camera, this review will help you make your decision.


Review of Motorola Focus66 B Home Security Camera

When it comes to set up and installation, the Motorola FOCUS camera is very similar to other devices, such as the Google Chromecast. To set up this camera, you need to install the Hubble for Motorola Monitor app from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store. Once you’ve installed the mobile app on your device, you will need to create an account on the service. The app will then search for the WiFi network of the camera.

Once you’ve completed the set up process, the camera will enter into its monitoring mode. If you turn on the motion detected video, the camera will alert you whenever the camera detects movement or sound in the monitored area. If anyone is home, you may want to turn this feature off because the microphone is quite sensitive. For example, if you drop a plate upstairs, the camera will likely detect the noise even if you installed the camera downstairs. If you turn off the microphone, the camera will only notify you if it detects movement.

The camera also possesses a built-in thermometer. Therefore, the camera will show you the temperature for the monitored area. If the temperature falls out of a certain range, the app will send you a notification.

On any browser, you will be able to navigate to the Hubble Connected website and look at the Motorola FOCUS camera. You will have no problem doing everything you need to do from both the app and any web browser. 

Other features of the Motorola Focus66 B

Once the trial is over, you will still be able to use the camera to check the monitored area where it’s placed. You will also be able to use the app to manually record video. However, if you want the camera to record motion detected video, you will need to have a plan. Plans cost $2.99 per month or $29 per year for 24 hours of motion detected video. For 7 days of motion detected video saved, it will cost you $9.99 per month or $99 per year. For 30 days of motion detected video saved, it will cost you $29.99 per month or $299 per year.


The quality of the video of this camera is 720p HD video. This camera also allow you to see in the dark. The video may look a little pixelated at some points. However, the quality is more than adequate for home security. For may people, the main disadvantage of this camera is that it is always connected to the Hubble website.

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