Mountain Alarm Company is a home security company that has been in business for over half a century. They provide security for homes and small businesses in the Colorado area. While their range of service is relatively small compared to national home security companies like Protect America, Mountain Alarm Company has a lot of experience serving people. Their overall customer feedback is fairly decent, although there were a few poor reviews. However, the most alarming aspect of their service was the high prices we saw for up-front costs and monitoring. 


Rocky Service

While Mountain Alarm Company generally only serves the Denver area, they are known for their good customer service. A company who has a reputation for good customer service is generally one worth considering. People have reported little to no wait-time on the phone when they call to inquire about pricing. However, just because they have an overall good rating doesn’t mean that aren’t still some instances here and there of customers being unhappy. This specific customer had a poor experience with Mountain Alarm Company, and seemed to have lost quite a bit of money:

After a cost of almost two grand out of pocket for the equipment and install. The system worked periodically. My family and I do not feel protected with Mountain Alarms.

Another aspect of Mountain Alarm regarding their service, is that it’s limited. They only serve the Denver, Colorado area. With a home security company locking you into a 3-year contract, there is often a good chance that customers will need to move from state to state during this time. Moving out of their service range may cause some issues for your agreement. This is one reason why it is often times better to go with a national home security company that has the resources to accommodate your needs. For example, Protect America will offer you a free relocation kit if you need to move. That way when you move, your security can come with you. It’s that simple. 


Up-Front & Monitoring Prices

Mountain Alarm Company charges a base price of $39.95 a month for monitoring throughout their 36-month contract. While 36 months is generally the average length for a home security agreement, you can definitely find better monitoring prices elsewhere. Additionally, the up-front equipment costs are estimated at $199 out-of-pocket. Generally, when a company charges high prices for monitoring, they will offer you a lower up-front cost. Or the opposite is sometimes true. Companies will charge high up-front fees in exchange for a low monitoring price. Mountain Alarm Company seems to charge high fees for both their equipment, activation, installation and monitoring. However, you won’t find this information on their website. While their website is informative, there is no mention of price or quotes, which indicates that you must call in order to compare price. We found our pricing information here.

Consider a company that will protect your home and your wallet. Protect America has over 20 years of experience in the industry and serves all 50 states including areas across Canada. At Protect America, you can get monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month. The difference between us is that we offer you the equipment free of charge with a lifetime warranty.