Mountain Alarm provides home security and alarm systems for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you are looking for a standard security monitoring package or one that also includes fire and carbon monoxide-monitoring, Mountain Alarm is equipped to deliver the security you have in mind. Before deciding to invest in Mountain Alarm, there are a few factors to consider in order to ensure your own personal satisfaction if you are choosing a security company for years to come. With more 88% of all burglaries accounted for being residential, it is no wonder the growth and demand for home security is expanding rapidly.

There is approximately one burglary every 13 seconds throughout the US alone. 

Mountain Alarm Home and Commercial Security

  • Home video monitoring and surveillance cameras are available from Mountain Alarm
  • Panic buttons and life emergency buttons are also available as an add-on for individuals who are interested in medical link assistance
  • Home automation is also possible with Mountain Alarm, allowing you to quickly and easily access your alarm system utilizing your smartphone, computer, or another Wi-Fi-enabled device. Home automation is ideal to easily manage lighting, temperature, and even various appliances throughout your home even if you are not occupying it.


Required Contract

Mountain Alarm requires all customers to sign an initial 30-month contractual agreement, even if you have used the services in the past. Signing a contractual agreement keeps you locked in and bound to Mountain Alarm throughout the entire duration of the contract itself. Once you have signed a written agreement with a security company it is not possible to switch companies or cancel your account without paying cancellation fees and the remainder of any balance you have left for the time period of your agreement itself. Always be sure to feel 100% confident with a security company before signing a new contract.

No Upfront Cost Listings

Mountain Alarm is not upfront with their pricing or the current packages they have to offer. Unfortunately, anyone who is interested in the security monitoring they have to offer is required to get a personalized quote before gaining more insight into the overall pricing Mountain Alarm has to offer.

Hidden Installation Fees

While it is not uncommon for security companies to charge an installation fee, Mountain Alarm does not make it known that there is not an installation fee in place, making it much more likely for new and old customers alike. Installation fees for security companies typically range anywhere from $100 to more than $1200 depending on the company itself as well as the size of the package you are interested in for your home alarm.


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