Spending even a cursory amount of time doing research will reveal that ADT Home Security is one of the most reliable, dependable and storied home security companies in the world. ADT has been in business for over 100 years and they’ve developed a reputation for being one of the top home security companies in the nation. Despite their popularity, there is still much to learn about what ADT has to offer. Today


Cost & Value Of An ADT Security System

Despite being one of the most popular home security systems in the nation, ADT Home Security has a little bit of a pricing problem. While ADT might not be incredibly expensive up front, with their basic packages starting around $50 per month, they do require an extensive contract for their customers to sign. These long-term contracts can become problematic if the owner of the security system ends up dissatisfied with what they have.

According to statistics compiled by the FBI, home break-in’s are the most common threat to a person’s home. In fact, home break in’s are so frequent that one will occur every 13 seconds, somewhere in the United States.

Obviously, these long-term contracts can feel problematic, but they have to be weighed against the quality that comes with ADT’s home security packages. ADT offers complete home alarm systems that include sensors, sirens, video and audio recording and professional monitoring.

Now that we have a rough idea as to the value of an ADT home security system, including the cost that homeowners have to deal with, we can move on to some of their most common troubleshooting issues.

Common ADT Troubleshooting Problems

ADT Home Security systems are much like any other piece of technology in that there will be problems that have to be overcome. Fortunately for us, ADT makes their systems easy enough to operate that troubleshooting needs are relatively minimal. Let’s focus on a few of the most common issues pertaining to ADT’s line of home alarm systems.

  1. Resetting The Keypad – After an alarm event, homeowners can clear their keypad history by referencing the Reset System page of their home alarm manual.
  2. What Happens When The Alarm Triggers – After the alarm on a homeowner’s security system is triggered, a siren sounds and a signal is sent straight to ADT where a representative will immediately tune in to respond to the alarm.
  3. Common Function Issues – The most common problems that an ADT system will have pertains to its networking. The loss of power to the home or to the networking modem can cause the security system to malfunction.


Protect America Offers Affordable Home Security

Nowadays, home security systems are seemingly a dime a dozen. What sets the best systems apart from the rest? The truth is, the key to getting a great home security system is in relying on the professional teams that are able to offer a blend of premium services and affordable professional monitoring. With such high expectations, few companies can manage to clear the hurdle. Fortunately, Protect America is here to offer extensive home security services at a fraction of the price of their competitors.

Protect America is surging in the DIY home security field thanks to their price matching guarantee and no-fee installation services. Protect America offers complete home alarm systems that include up to $1,400 total of free equipment. The professional monitoring services that Protect America offers also help to give homeowners an added boost in home security. Call Protect America today in order to talk to a representative about getting a personalized home security system.