Some people view home security systems as a costly investment. It’s pertinent to remember, though, that what you’re spending now is going to serve as a form of protection against a much greater loss in the future. Consider the cost of replacing stolen goods and combine it with the expense of replacing or repairing damaged walls, windows, and doors. Now you can see why you should rethink putting off the installation of a home security system.


The psychological effects to victims after a burglary should also be considered when calculating the expense of a home security system. Victims have reported living in fear and developing feelings of personal violation. Without a home security system, you’re actually increasing the odds of enduring these effects. Thieves admit they often scope out a residence before burglarizing it. If it has a security system, many of them will continue their search for a home to break into. So although a home security system does have an expense regarding its purchase, installation and any monitoring that comes along with it, the cost benefits of being able to deter burglars far outweigh the monetary expense.

Home security systems these days have become much more affordable for homeowners than in the past. Asking a few questions can help you decide if the cost and benefits are great enough for you to invest in a home security system.

How Do Companies Make Security Systems more Affordable?

Equipment costs, installation and activation cost are all part of the startup process. Which provider you choose will determine what your startup expenses will be. Fortunately, many home security providers reduce upfront cost in order to make home security more affordable. When you opt for a system through Protect America, you enjoy the benefit of free installation as well as up to $1,400 in free equipment. This is ideal for people who really want protection but can’t afford a large purchase and installation expense up front.

There are multiple companies that offer do-it-yourself (DIY) home security systems. Choosing a DIY system often allows you to save money in the beginning, but a lack of around-the-clock customer service is something you should definitely take into consideration, which is something often associated with a DIY system.

On average, you can expect to spend the following on home security devices:

  • Sensors and motion detectors: $5 to $30+ a piece; you will likely need a sensor for every window and doorway, so this can easily add up to $500+
  • System’s main panel: $100+
  • Monthly monitoring: anywhere from $10 to $50+ a month
  • Installation: $300+

How Likely Are You to Be a Victim?

Although burglary rates have fallen, the monetary value of goods stolen has continued to rise. Burglary rates vary widely from city to city, and as mentioned before, a home that is not protected is more likely to attract burglars than a home with a protection. One of the first things a burglar will consider when attempting a break in is whether the home is protected or not.

The cost of being a victim should be a huge factor in determining whether or not to install a home security system. You yourself must put a price on the cost of being a victim and the emotional and psychological toll it will have on your life.

How Much Will You Lose in a Burglary?

Those who have had to live through the experience of being burglarized know the experience goes well beyond just losing items of monetary value. If looking at the cost from a financial standpoint, one should ask themselves what it would cost to replace valuable items that are likely to be stolen in the event of a burglary. According to Forbes, “About one burglary takes place every 15 seconds and the typical homeowner suffers a loss of nearly $2,000 in stolen goods or property damage.”

And then there’s also the possibility of having your identity stolen by someone who breaks into your home and steals important personal information. This is why the Forbes article goes on to say, “Don’t leave your credit card numbers and passcodes around, not to mention your passport.”


Can You Put a Price on Peace of Mind

Security helps bring about a peace of mind. Everyone desires to feel secure but being home around the clock is nearly impossible for most people. With a home security system, though, you gain the ability to watch your home even when you’re not there thanks to the use of a security camera. With Protect America, you can easily view HD live video of your home.


Home security can protect not only your items of financial value but more importantly, your family and household members from intruders. And while the monetary cost of installing a system will vary from one company to the next, what you should be asking yourself is what is the true cost of not having a system installed? Contact Protect America today to learn about our free installation and no-hassle equipment purchasing process.