Owning a home can be a massive responsibility, and even renting a home can be stressful. One of the most prominent forms of stress that people deal with when owning or renting property is how they will take care of it and keep it secure. Home security is a huge industry and with the massive growth of technology over the years, there are more security choices than ever for residents to choose from. With so many home security system choices around, how can a specific system be chosen? Today, we are going to focus on security systems as a whole and what you should consider when seeking one out in order to make a respectable purchase.


Home Security Systems: Key Things You Need To Know

Security systems may seem like machines for the paranoid, but they are actually systems for the well-prepared. While home security systems have been around for decades, they’ve never existed in the format that we see now. Thanks to modernization and minimization, home security systems are smaller and more affordable than ever. Homeowners can get a security system that fits in a shoe box and they can use it to protect their entire home.

If you live in America, there is probably a burglary occurring around you right at this moment. According to the Department of Justice, there is a burglary once every 15 seconds.  This number equates to roughly 5,800 home break-ins per day.

With modernization so prevalent, it is important to make sure that homeowners are looking to the right information in order to get the security system for their home. Crime statistics show that burglaries are a huge problem in America and the rest of the world. With that being said, take time to make sure that the right system is chosen for the job, or else suffer the consequences later on. Let’s move on in our discussion so that we can focus on the four key aspects to consider when pricing out a home security system.

Focus On Getting The RIGHT Home Security For Your Property

A homeowner could spend anywhere from a couple of bucks to their entire bank account in the hunt for the perfect home security system. With so many different choices available, how does one come to an ultimate decision? There is an easy way to account for how much a security system should cost and that is where we are directing our attention now.

  1. How does the system network? – The majority of home security systems being marketed today are of the wireless variety. Wireless systems are going to cost more than their hardwired alternatives and, as such, they are going to require a little more skill in order to implement them properly. Customers can save money by opting for a hardwired system in certain situations.
  2. What is the quality of my video? – Believe it or not, all video cameras are not made equal. From 420p to 4K, there is a world of difference in the kind of video quality that homeowners can look for. Remember, the better the video quality the larger the memory storage that will be required and, as such, the higher the price.
  3. Is the system professionally monitored? – Next up, we have to decide whether or not we want our system to be monitored by a professional team like ADT or Protect America. Professional monitoring is a great way to stay secure.
  4. How large is the system? – Homeowners can’t expect a system designed for a small apartment to work in their massive home. Make sure that the right system is being chosen for the right location.


Protect Your Home With Protect America

We’ve spent plenty of time going over the various ways that security systems can be put together. We’ve talked a little bit about the core pricing components of the traditional home security system. With that all said and done, now we are going to focus on how a professionally monitored home security system can keep homeowners around the country safe and secure.

At Protect America, the goal is to provide customers with access to an affordable system that is comprised of cutting-edge technology. Protect America doesn’t only focus on cost-saving plans and programs, they also focus on making the installation process easy, as well. Protect America doesn’t charge any installation fees and they price match with any other system. Call today for an estimate!