When it comes to home security, you want to do it yourself and you want to know the professionals will monitor your home and respond if there is ever a break-in. With MyFox Home Security Camera—you get both.

MyFox Home Security Camera is a DIY system—and unlike many of its counterparts on the market—has the option to be professionally monitored.

MyFox is simple and doesn’t come with too many product offerings. But in a competitive market that has so many options that seemingly do the same things, is MyFox able to stand out as a valuable option for homeowners?


The Specs

MyFox offers a camera, a siren, Wi-Fi hub, key fob, and door/window sensors. The products are priced at $478 for the complete package, but they can be purchased and used separately ($199 for the camera and $279 for the rest of the products.)

The camera is a 720p HD camera with a night vision, a 130˚ wide angle lens and zoom capability. The siren is 110 decibels and the product does come with two-way audio communication. The Wi-Fi hub plugs into the wall and the key fob is used for arming and disarming the system. A $30 wall mount can be purchased for the camera as well. 

MyFox works similar to most other home security offerings and sends push notifications to users via e-mail and smartphone apps. You can also set the system up to alert third parties.

MyFox doesn’t offer free cloud storage, however. Customers have to pay $5 a month for one day of recording, or $10 a month for seven days of recording.

Unlike many other DIY home security offerings, MyFox does offer professional monitoring. The option is $10 a month and can be opted in or out without a cancellation fee or additional fee.

MyFox is capable of integrating with the Nest Thermostat and IFTTT channels. And since personal privacy is a concern for customers in the digital age, MyFox technology does use a privacy shutter that will seal the camera whenever it isn’t in use—easing any concern that potential customers may have. 


The Takeaway

MyFox’s offering is pretty sleek and looks good, but the products are massive. The siren looks like a huge plate and is pretty obtrusive. It’s much larger than the rest of the products and this might not be ideal for most customers.

The biggest problem with MyFox is the pricing. For a setup that is fairly simple and doesn’t offer many products or any customization option, you’ll end up paying a large upfront cost. Once the upfront cost is out of the way, you’re also still left with $10 a month for professional monitoring and $5 or $10 a month for cloud storage. So, once everything is accounted for, MyFox really isn’t that affordable.

Some customers have noted that the app was glitchy, lagging and buffered. Others said it isn’t very intuitive and hard to figure out  Another large issue is that if there is every a power outage or battery issue, MyFox only has one hour of battery backup. That isn’t a very reassuring time frame.

Similar to most DIY products, MyFox isn’t available for outdoor use either. So, if you plan to monitor the exterior of your home, you will have to find another provider or equipment offering.

All-in-all, MyFox is an offering that looks pretty good from the outset, but once you get down to the details, it really doesn’t offer many of the essentials that are necessary for home security. The product is pricey and lacks customization. We suggest you venture elsewhere for your home security needs.