A home intrusion occurs every thirteen seconds culminating in over 2.5 million home intrusions every year!  Don’t become a statistic. In a day and age where new technologies are always emerging, there are home security systems to fit every lifestyle and budget. How do you know which is right for you and your family? Should you go for wired or unwired security systems? These are just a few of the questions we’ll explore here.


Alarming Statistics

  • Currently, only 17.5% of homes are protected with a home security system
  • Home security statistics say that the type of tools used to break in is usually simple (i.e. a screwdriver, pliers, pries bars, small hammers)
  • According to the FBI, home break-in (burglary) is the most common threat to homes today
  • 95% of break-ins required some kind of force to enter

National Security Security: Pros and Cons


  • Full-feature security system that protects against intrusion and fire
  • Easy to Install
  • Simple to use
  • Easily expandable for adding additional zones
  • Ability to expand for on and off-site use of the system
  • Ability to control heating and cooling with additional equipment
  • Optional GE door and window sensors
  • Motion and heat detector with pet immunity up to 80 lbs.
  • Glass break sensors with the option to include wireless glass break sensors
  • GE smoke, Co2 and heat detectors
  • Optional 4-button keyfob with panic and hold-up buttons
  • Optional water and flood monitoring device


  • Keypad and siren must be hard-wired
  • Costs of wiring can become quite cost-prohibitive
  • Not a simple do-it-yourself option
  • Not transferrable if you move
  • Not a nationally recognized brand with the same trusted reputation

What you get with Protect America: Is it Worth It?

When considering an alarm system consider first the following benefits:

  • Law enforcement is notified immediately and dispatched to your home in the case of a home invasion
  • Peace of mind when traveling or at work
  • You can save up to 20% on your insurance with a home security system and fire monitoring
  • You know who is coming and going from your home
  • Oftentimes, the sound of a siren alone can scare away a potential intruder

The following may be holding you back from making the decision to protect your home with a home security system:

  • Cost: Not all home security systems carry a heavy price tag with them. Many systems are free with a minimum contract and monitoring. Weighing the cost of losing your personal possessions vs. a minimal monthly fee to protect your investments is important to consider
  • It doesn’t work if you don’t use it: This is true, but having a system, like Protect America, that is capable of off-site arming and disarming can alleviate this concern considerably
  • You may get charged for false alarms: This unfortunately, is part of the package deal, but there are measures you can take to ensure the # of false alarms at your home is not excessive

What’s in the “box”?

Protect America offers a shipped, DIY, easy to install in under one hour total home security system, but is it worth it? What comes in the box?

  • Touchscreen control pad
  • Motion and entry sensors
  • Yard sign and window stickers
  • DIY installation
  • No upfront cost
  • Professional monitoring starting at only $19.99/month

Optional upgrades include:

  • HD Video service
  • Smoke and fire  monitoring
  • Smart door lock control
  • Garage door control
  • Smart lighting


Benefits of choosing Protect America

  • Over 25 years of trusted experience
  • Offers affordable 24-7 monitored service
  • Exterior door and window detection along with interior protection that detects movement and heat.

According to the FBI,

Contrary to popular belief, most burglaries do not occur at night at all. Instead, 65% of burglaries occur between 6 am and 6 pm. Most burglars do not want to risk encountering someone so they will try your home when you’re most likely to be at work. The most common hours for a burglary to occur are between 10am-3pm.

Don’t risk becoming a victim of home burglary. Contact the professionals at Protect America today for your free quote!