Since nearly 66% of all burglaries are residential break-ins, the search for home security is extremely vital to homeowners. National Certified Alarms (NCA) is a home security company that serves the Middle Tennessee Area, which includes 18 counties around Nashville. While their service area is small, their up-front prices are very large. NCA believes that monitoring should be cheap, and what’s not to like about that? However, they make up for it by charging very high up-front fees for equipment, installation and activation. 


Limited Service Area

You’ve been shopping around and comparing your options, but did you think to compare the size of the alarm companies you’re considering? Not all alarm companies are equal when it comes to the quality and skill they promise. While NCA has been operating for about 16 years, they have done very little to expand their service area and only caters to people in 18 counties within Tennessee.

A common misconception about home security is that going with a local alarm company is better. Many think that since there is a home security company locally, there is a local monitoring facility as well. In reality, when you sign up with a local home security company they install it, and it ends up being monitored by a national monitoring facility. This is true of NCA.

Monitoring Prices

NCA is a non-contractual home security company that believes in low monitoring prices – but what’s the catch? They have some of the lowest prices in the industry for landline and cellular monitoring, but Protect America also has competitive prices. Many companies charge high prices for monitoring and give out free equipment. NCA does the opposite. They charge lower prices for their monitoring services, but make you buy all your home security equipment first for an arm and a leg. That means if you don’t like their services or move out of the Tennessee area, you just bought an expensive security system when it could have been more affordable elsewhere.

At NCA, landline monitoring is $9.95 but it lacks all remote access and interactive features. If that’s not your cup of tea, then our next argument might not matter to you. However, regardless of if you want interactive features or not – the up-front costs alone will create a much pricier scenario than you probably expected.

In order to be able to arm and disarm your system from your smartphone, you’ll need to have the cellular monitoring option, which costs $19.95 a month plus a monthly $5 fee to access the app. Additionally, if you want to be able to view opening and closing reports with Internet access to your view your account data and history… yep, it’s an additional $5 a month. Now you’re sitting at about $30 a month for monitoring. That’s not so cheap after all. 


High Up Front Costs

With such competitive prices in monitoring, NCA seems like a great deal. However, customers do need to be aware that most costs incurred will be upfront. If new customers are not in a position to front the costs of the equipment in their entirety then this might not be a feasible option. NCA can install both hardwired and wireless systems, but if you go with the wireless system the monthly cost for monitoring is $19.95 rather than $9.95. Either way customers are going to pay somewhere around $400-$500 initially and can customize their systems with motion detectors, door sensors, smoke and glass-break detectors, etc.

At Protect America, we believe in a different model, and that’s real affordability without hidden or up-front costs. For as low as $19.99 a month, you can get all the basics in a monthly monitoring service with our Copper Package. With purchase of monitoring, all your equipment is free. Additionally, Protect America offers a lifetime warranty on all products, as where NCA only warranties their devices for 1 year. You should be weary about any home security company that isn’t invested in your long-term safety. Consider calling Protect America today!