In home automation and security, Nest Labs is a force with which to reckon. The company is one of the smart pioneers in home automation, and they’ve have expanded to providing reliable home security solutions.

According to their official website, although Nest products are available in seven markets, millions have access to them in over 190 countries around the world.


Are Nest Products Worth It?

Majorly known for their smart thermostats, Nest Labs makes some of the best home automation and security products for modern homes. These products look good and work reliably well.

Since its acquisition by Google in 2014, Net Labs has gone on to release a plethora of products that fall into three major categories;

  • Home security
  • Energy saving
  • Fire Protection

Their mission? To create a thoughtful modern home that takes care of the people in it and the world around it.

Looking into Nest’s Security Products. Keep Your Home Safe

Nest Cams

It feels safe to know that you can actually see what’s happening inside your home at any given time. Nest Cam indoor and outdoor cameras coupled with home automation are your best bet when it comes to scaring criminals in their tracks.

After detecting a motion or sound, the cams send alerts. Besides, the indoor camera has a night vision which illuminates the entire scene when it’s dark. The outdoor camera is weatherproof, so it stands harsh outdoor conditions.

You can check on the kids, pets and even contact them remotely using the cams. The cams feature built-in speakers and microphones so you can hear and talk to the kiddos or pets right from the Nest App installed on your smartphone. Each of the cameras has a high resolution (1080p) for the bright images and videos.

Nest Protect Smoke + CO Alarm

Your home security is taken care of thanks to the Nest Protect capable of alerting you of imminent danger of fire and carbon monoxide. With its vocal alert, Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm let you pinpoint from where exactly the danger is coming.

If you happen to be away from home and Nest Protect detects a fire or CO, it’ll send an alert to your phone immediately. Burnt your food in the kitchen? Then Nest protect has an option for shutting down the alarm.

Nest Secure Alarm System

The Nest Alarm System is a comprehensive system that combines four different components – Nest Guard, Nest Tag, Nest App and the Nest Detect.

Nest Guard is a WiFi-powered alarm hub that requires you enter your security code to turn off the alarm. It also has an optional cellular backup. Nest Detect is a motion and door sensor and allows individual activates and deactivates so it so rest of the system remains enabled when the alarm is armed. And with the Nest App, there’s no more forgetting to set the alarm when leaving home.

Nest Aware for More Intelligent Cams

Recent on the line of security products offered by Nest Labs is the Nest Aware. Nest Aware is a 24/7 security subscription service designed to integrate with the Nest Cam-based products. It runs on the power of the cloud and algorithms by Nest Labs to increase the intelligence of the videos captured.

Nest Aware makes it possible to for Nest Cameras to record up to 30 days of video. It also comes with new capabilities such as Activity Zones, person detection (can tell if a person or an animal caused a motion) and time lapse.


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