As you may have read on this blog back in June, Nest Secure recently dropped its price from $499 to $399. Nest Secure is a DIY smart home alarm system released in November 2017. It comes with a Guard hub, as well as two key fobs along with two window/door sensors. Below we explore three interesting facts about Nest Secure.


Nest Secure is Easy to Install 

The process of connecting the component pieces of Nest secure to the app is relatively easy, as Megan Wollerton explains on CNET. It does require that you have an Android or iOS device, and that you follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Nest app onto your phone
  2. Create a login for your account
  3. Select the option “Add product” from the settings menu
  4. Next, you must scan the QR code on the Guard hub first, and then the other devices and complete the instructions in order to connect each part.

Nest Secure’s hardware is physically easily to install as well. The hardware has sturdy adhesive backings and comes with easy-to-follow instructions. The Guard hub — equipped with wires — should rest on a flat surface close to the door you use most frequently (i.e. garage door or front door). The tags can be put on key chains, backpacks, purses, etc., while the window/door sensors should be placed on doors, walls, or windows.

Installation is Mostly Simple, but Compatibility Issues Exist

Even though the installation process should be relatively quick, Wollerton ran into compatibility issues with her router and Nest Secure. The problem: Not all routers are compatible with Nest’s product. Wollerton explains that using an Asus RT-AC88U router resulted in the Nest Secure Detect sensors producing an error message. Using another router, Wollerton was eventually able to install the system. While Nest puts out a list of routers that are not compatible with its product, the Asus RT-AC88U Wollerton used wasn’t on the list. With Nest Secure being such a new system, you may encounter similar types of issues when trying to install the product. Wollerton elaborates on these incompatibilities:

“Secure uses the Nest Weave communication protocol during the initial configuration process, which also means an option called IPv6 should be enabled on your router (so Weave can work optimally). What’s frustrating is that your otherwise Nest-Secure-compatible router might not have IPv6 enabled as a default setting. So you’ll most likely have to log in to your router and make that change manually.”

As Wollerton sums up, “If you get a weird error, you can always contact Nest customer support, but it’s frustrating that consumers should have to deal with this kind of thing. Smart home devices can be intimidating enough to install without diving into your router settings.”

Nest Secure Still Carries a Premium Price Tag and Lacks Some Key Features

While Nest lowered the price of its smart home system, the Nest Secure kit is still considerably more expensive than the competition, as John R. Delaney writes for PC Mag. Abode, for example, is priced at $299, while SimpliSafe costs $229. If you want to purchase more Nest Detect sensors, it will cost you $59 apiece, versus the $25 and $14.99 you’ll pay respectively for Abode and SimpliSafe’s sensors.


Other negative drawbacks to Nest Secure include the fact that it does not support voice commands from Amazon Alexa. It does, however, work with Google Assistant. Moreover, those who own Nest Cams may be disappointed to learn that the Cam’s motion sensor doesn’t itself trigger the Nest Secure’s alarm. Instead, you will receive an email with a link to view the captured footage when an alarm occurs.

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