Nest Labs is a company known for home automation and its line of Nest home security cameras. They’re most well-known for their smart home technology, such as smart thermostats you can control from any mobile device. With this type of technology, they’ve also been able to create self monitored home security you can monitor from your phone or tablet. They have indoor and outdoor cameras that can detect motion and sound, and send you alerts whenever they’re triggered.

High Quality Daytime and Nighttime Video

Nest camera specs include:

  • HD 1080p video (the highest resolution available)
  • A 130 degree wide angle lens so that you can see a lot more than what’s directly in front of the camera
  • High quality night vision on indoor cameras, so you don’t lose video coverage when the lights are out, even when it’s pitch black
  • Weather-resistant outdoor cameras—you can expect them to endure no matter what climate you’re in.

2-Way Audio

Besides home security and environmental emergencies, you can also use your Nest cams to monitor a baby or check on your children or pets. You can even contact anyone in the home remotely and talk to them through the Nest App on any mobile device. It has a microphone and speaker built in, so the conversation is 2-way. Some customers appreciate being able to tell their pets to get off the furniture when they’re away. One reviewer said:

“We set it up prior to going on vacation so we could watch our pets and also talk to them. It was fun to watch them turn their heads wondering where we were physically.”

Another benefit of this 2-way audio feature is that when you’re alerted of motion detection in your home and you see from the video recording that burglars have intruded, you can scare them away by addressing them directly and making them aware you’re watching. This response is significantly faster than waiting for authorities to show up. However, the authorities can use the recorded video of the intruder to make an arrest.


Cloud Storage But No Local Storage

The Nest cam starts recording when it senses motion, and the video clips it captures are sent to the cloud where you can access them on the Nest app. The Nest cams don’t come with hard drives or SD cards that store video footage. Everything is dependant on your Internet connection. Therefore, if your WiFi is compromised when an intruder is present, you won’t be able to capture them on video. They also have a high bandwidth usage that may discourage some users.

Zoom and Enhance Video

The Nest cams have an 8x digital zoom you can use to get a more up-close look at something going on in your house. To get an even sharper image, you can focus on an area and the camera’s 3mp sensor will produce an enhanced view.

Nest Alarm Systems

If you’re interested in an alarm system to go with your Nest cameras, Nest offers a wireless alarm hub with motion and door sensors that activate the alarm when triggered. To complete your home security system, you can also get a smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm from Nest and get an alert in case of a fire or carbon monoxide leak. This can help reduce damage in your home, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

No Professional Security Monitoring

While Nest offers cutting-edge technology for “DIY” home security, these cameras alone don’t keep your home fully protected, because they depend on your vigilance. When you’re not there to pick up on an alert from your mobile device, you can’t respond to threats. That’s why home security companies like Protect America that give you 24/7 professional monitoring are critical to the safety of your home.


24/7 Home Monitoring with Protect America

Protect America takes the onus off you, since its alarm systems are fully monitored at all times. We’re equipped to respond to threats immediately and address any emergency whether you’re aware of it or not. With locked-in rates as low as $30 a month and up to $1,400 worth of free equipment for your home, you can’t find a better deal. If you suspect professionally monitored home security is right for you, get a free quote from Protect America today.