The odds are good that if someone is reading this blog, they are interested in taking their home security system to the next level. While many people dismiss home security systems out of hand, smart readers are going to be proactive in protecting their property. After all, nearly 6,000 homes in America are broken into on a daily basis. This startling home break-in statistic reveals that there is a burglary somewhere in America every 15 seconds. Obviously, we don’t want to lead our readers on with fear but we have to face the realities of the world as it exists. Knowing that there is a problem is just the first step toward addressing it and making sure it goes away. In order to allay potential fears of a home break-in, consider looking to the Nest Secure System.

Introducing The Nest Secure System

There are many different security systems available for sale and most of them are probably even good. With that being said, we’re going to look at one of the newest and most sleek options available around: the  Nest Secure home security system. For DIY fanatics and people who want to keep their home security within their home, as in devoid of professional monitoring, a compelling case can be made in favor of this system.

While there are many security systems available, the Nest Secure home alarm system is both sleek and intuitive. Arming and disarming the product is simple and the sensors are incredibly effective.

First and foremost, when we look for a home security system what we are really looking for is security and peace of mind. With Nest Secure, we get access to generous portions of both of our desired requirements. The Nest Secure home alarm system is wonderfully intuitive and easy on the eyes. The all-white design pops and even fits into the decor of most modern homes. Acquired by Google, Nest Secure is backed by a technological giant that understands how important intuitive usage is and that has thankfully shown through with a great product.


We could bore you with the minutiae of the technological details first, but we’d rather start with how intuitive the KeyFob access feature is. Armed with little white medallions, that fit conveniently on your keyring, users are able to arm and disarm the Nest Secure system merely by waving their keyfob at the device. This is so easy that it is actually almost enjoyable. Ease of use is the theme of the day as there is an online app that can be downloaded in order to manipulate the entire system from the comfort of a user’s palm.

The motion detectors themselves are probably the most impressive aspect of the entire system. When triggered they can emit up to 85 dB of siren sounds, but only after an alarm is immediately sent to a partnered phone or computer. Loud noises are key to deterring potential intruders and this works immediately. Additionally, it is easy to add more and more cameras to the system depending on the user’s needs as any Nest Cam can instantly link to the primary hub.

Is The Nest Security System Worth The Price?

Ultimately, users are going to have to make a choice in regards to the Nest Secure home alarm system. We found it to be passable in every aspect and we particularly liked a few key features. Here is what we found most impressive:

  • Keyfob system is wonderfully intuitive.
  • Door and window sensors are loud and effective.
  • It is easy to partner new cameras to the core system.

Overall, we have to recommend the Nest Secure Home Alarm System to anyone who needs an easy and intuitive home security system.


Protect America Offers Unbeatable Value For Home Security

There are a multitude of home security products available but, ultimately, homeowners can only install one in their home. While we were fans of the value that the Nest Security System provided to customers, we are far more interested in getting the most effective version of a home security system possible. That is why we highly suggest to our readers that they look at the services offered by Protect America. Founded in 1992, Protect America has grown into the 14th largest home security company in the entire nation. Going toe to toe with security system giants, protect America has found ways to become the best value in the industry.

Interested customers can call Protect America for a free estimate and frank discussion on what exactly their potential security plans can come with. Most Protect America security systems start as low as $30 per month and they come with 24/7 secured monitoring. Protect America doesn’t charge for installation fees and the company makes sure that their customers get locked-in rates to maximize their value.