Netgear is a name brand that is associated usually with WiFi routers and digital modems for the consumer computer and hardware industry. They have been traditionally involved with making WiFi routers, modems and similar equipment for home computers or office computers. The company has been around at least a decade and many people are familiar with the brand at this point.


They are fairly new in the home security market and many people have had trouble setting up their Netgear home security systems. Troubleshooting these systems can be important for people that need to get their home security systems up and running in a hurry. If you are having great difficulty in setting up your Netgear home security system, you can consult with the security experts at Protect America to get started with professional help.

Common Issues with Netgear Home Security

Many users have reported issues with getting their Arlo home security cameras and base stations from Netgear working properly. The base station connection is among the top reported. Netgear has a support community where users go to find common answers to their questions. The base station question is among the most queried on the site. One of the threads has an answer that has helped many different Netgear home secuirty system users in the past. Here is an excerpt from that post:

I know some of you are having issues with connectivity, just like I’m having. I may have stumbled on something of a fix by accident. By deleting all your current clips from the camera’s all at once, using the library button, instead deleting clips from each camera individually, seems to cause a problem and the way I got it fixed the last two days, was to go into the trash files and restore a clip to each camera and then for whatever reason, the base station seems to find the camera’s again.

This seemed to helpful to many of the users in this thread. Camera and motion problems also seem to persist according to another user in the forums. Users report that motion won’t pick up from the sensors after installing a brand new camera system. The response given on the forum was as follows:

Do a full reset of the base unit…hold in the reset button for about 10 secs till the front LEDs flash. Then open and close all the camera battery doors…then you will have to re-sync the cameras as if new. This will rebuild your two default modes Armed and Disarmed ( all on, all off). From. Here you will also have to re adjust all the camera setting just so like when installed. If you want make custom modes and try to to edit the two defaults. As as to the one camera recording a diff one, this is an option you can pick when making custom modes; cam A senses, but records cam B.


Solutions to Some of These Problems

Try checking these forums and getting help from the user community from Netgear. Often other users have great advice in addition to those staff from Netgear who may be monitoring the forums. This may help you out, but it may also take quite a while to fiddle with all the adjustments. You may also need to go through trial and error and keep going back to the forum for help. This may take some time. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can consult directly with experts at Protect America.

Getting Help When You Need it For Netgear Home Security

Protect America can help provide you with the help you need to get your security system up and running. If you have a Netgear home security package but are unable to get things working, even with the help from community forums, give Protect America a call. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.