Tired of hearing things that go bump in the night and not being sure of what’s going on? It’s time to purchase a home security system. There are so many questions to answer- should you go with monitored or unmonitored? Do you need a full camera system, or are motion sensor lights enough? Should you have door alarms, or a sign in the front yard? Decisions, decisions!


If you choose to go with an unmonitored system, know one thing – you’re on your own. A monitored system has many advantages, such as effortlessly connecting you with local law enforcement agencies in the event that an alarm is set off. That being said, non monitored system may be a bit less expensive, depending on the system you chose. Read on to learn more about the best non monitored systems on the market today.

Caution: A Word of Advice

While not having a monthly fee might seem like a dream come true, most people feel that the small fee they pay every month for peace of mind and protection is well worth it. If you don’t have professional monitoring then that means that it’s up to you to keep your home safe. If there are times throughout the day where you might not check your phone right away if you get a security alert then you are at risk. And of course if you’re monitoring your own security then you are also vulnerable at night when you’re sleeping. Another drawback to self-monitored security is the price tag. You will likely have to pay a lot of money to get your entire home protected and the reality is, you will probably end up paying more than you would during your contract with a professionally monitored security company.

Non Monitored Home Security Systems: Know Your Options


The priciest option on this list, you can score yourself an Abode home security system for a base price of $279. The Abode system allows you to disarm or arm your security system remotely, and it also has the capability to alert selected family and friends if your home security is breached. In the case of a power failure, the Abode has battery backup, so you’ll stay secure even if your home loses electricity in a storm or other weather event. Motion sensors, door/ window sensors, and an alarm are all included in the base price.


If you’re looking for something a little bit less expesive, the SmartThings security system is the way to go, with a base price of only $99. Like the Abode system, SmartThings also has the ability to allow you to arm or disarm the system remotely, and can alert family and friends if your security system has been activated. SmartThings also has battery backup in case of a power failure. Motion sensors, door/ window sensors, and alarms all have to be purchased separately, increasing the price that you actually pay when things are said and done.

This system is the real deal- motion sensors, door/window sensors, alarms, heat/fire sensors, and video surveillance are all included.


With base prices starting at $227.50, the Arlo will do the job at a reasonable price. This system is the real deal- motion sensors, door/window sensors, alarms, heat/fire sensors, and video surveillence are all included. Are you an environmentalist? Arlo is coming out with a solar charging panel, which will get rid of the need for a backup battery.


Coming in at $199, the iSmartAlarm is a reasonable model and will get the job done. The iSmartAlarm system includes door/window sensors, motion sensors, and alarms, and video surveillence can be added for a reasonable $99.99. The iSmartAlarm does have the lowest google play rating of all the systems on this list, leading to some concerns about user-friendliness.


Get Your Entire Home Protected

If you are planning on self monitoring security, make sure that you have your entire house protected. If someone is trying to break into your home, chances are they know a few likely security vulnerabilities. A window sensor that uses a magnet on your frame won’t do much good if they simple smash the glass in for example. If you’re looking to set up your entire house with security and peace of mind, it’s time to get a free quote from a home security specialist at Protect America Security Systems.