Northstar Alarm is a home security company out of Orem, Utah. Even though Northstar Alarm Services has been making a mark in the home security profession for more than a decade, they continue to have a poor rating on the Better Business Bureau. Customers have complained about their long contracts, billing issues, and relocation policy. 


Long Contracts and Relocation Issues

Unlike most home security companies, who honor the traditional 36-month contract agreement length. Northstar has a standard contract length of 60 months. Thats almost double the amount of time for a normal contract length! Do you really want to be stuck in a contract for two years longer than necessary? On top of that, people have complained generously about the fact that Northstar currently does not offer any type of relocation option except to pay the remainder of the contract or to continue getting bills on a security system that you had to leave behind.

Consider a home security company that will stick with you no matter what. Protect America offers simple and free home relocation kits for when you move. That way you can take your home security system with you! Additionally, the odds are a lot higher for someone to move within a 5-year period rather than a 3-year period. Protect America has a standard 36-month agreement and regardless of if you move, we’ll stick with you!


The base pricing for Northstar’s monthly monitoring agreement is slightly higher than what Protect America has to offer. For their very base package, they charge a minimum of $29.95 for monthly monitoring. On top of that cost, they charge an average of $350 to get your system up and running. At Protect America, you can get monthly monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month! And equipment and installation is free with a purchase of monthly monitoring.

Service & Misleading Sales

One of the biggest issues with Northstar Alarm Services involves misleading tactics by service technicians. Several customers claim they were not thoroughly informed of what they would be charged for at the time of services. Another issue with Northstar involves former customers, who stated they still received monthly invoices after they terminated their service agreements. This is all a red flag of how poor their customer service is with confirmation from the Better Business Bureau. There have been reports of customer service representatives failing to help customers in a timely and orderly fashion. Here is an example of a customer who experienced poor service:

Their customer service is so bad and biggest waste of money ever.

A quick look at some of their reviews will confirm that this company really needs to step it up with their customer service. Another downside to this company is it appears as if they have some fairly misleading sales tactics that even include posing as other companies. This consumer had a poor experience:

They told me they were up-grading the equipment I already had, when in fact they were a totally different company!


Protect America, however, is here to provide you with excellent service. Our CARE team is always available online during normal business hours to chat with you and answer any questions or problems you may have. Its the same great service and advice, just without the extra phone call.

Your Reliable Alternative

Consider any of the home security packages provided by Protect America, a company with over 20 years of experience serving customers throughout the United States and Canada. We believe home security should be simple, efficient, and affordable. Protect your home and your wallet with Protect America!