With more than 17 years of service under its belt, NorthStar Alarm Security offers customers a wealth of experience in home protection. Based in Orem, Utah, NorthStar has more than 44,000 customers in 22 states


What Types of Services and Products Do NorthStar Alarm Services Offer?

When it comes to offering peace of mind to trusting security customers, there are many ways that a security company can define their personal philosophy toward their task, which is best expressed through the services it chooses to offer. 

  • Home Security Essentials. NorthStar offers a system that is easy to maintain that features remote diagnostics and SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology encryption.
  • Various Sensors. The sensors from which customers can choose at NorthStar include motion, door and window, glass, motion and a glassbreak detector.
  • Smoke and CO2 Detectors. This suite of fire safety products include a wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detector.
  • 24/7 Video Monitoring. 24/7 video monitoring is essential for any home security program, and NorthStar comes through. The reasons for going with a video monitoring plan are nearly endless. Mr. Alarms notes that

    24/7 security monitoring services can help you protect your property, loved ones and belongings from people with ill intentions and crimes. Home security monitoring services monitor your home for security gaps and other emergencies.

  • Home Automation Services. NorthStar is onboard in offering smart solutions.

What Do Critics and Customers Say About NorthStar Security?

Best Company appreciates North Star Security focuses on professional monitoring services and the home automation services. They feel that there a number of problems with the company, however: 

  • The lengthy 5-year contract
  • Lack of pricing transparency
  • The automatic contract renewal feature

Customers agree with these issues. There are several complaints about the strict 5-year contract and automatic contract renewal. The worst complaint for the company lies in its requirement of a 60-day cancellation notification before the end of the official contract. If the customer misses this window, they are stuck with service for another automatically renewed 5 years. This aspect of the company makes customers feel trapped, so it may be a deterrent for sign-up. 

There are also reports of less than stellar customer and tech services. 


How Much Does NorthStar Charge for Their Services?

The company does not feature a web page clearly stating the prices for their various services, unlike other major home security companies, which is a red flag for many customers who are trying to speed up the process to find the right home security company at a price they can afford. 

Reach Out for Transparent Home Security Services

At Protect America, we understand our customers need their home security provider to care about more than their home protection. They need us to understand that they work hard and have a budget, so we make sure everyone knows our fees and contractual obligations up front.

If you are looking for a company that cares about your sense of personal and financial security, along with your home security, contact Protect America to request a free quote