Only 17% of homes in the US currently have a home alarm system in place, while homes without a security system are 300% more likely of becoming a target of a burglar.

Choosing a home alarm company that is sure to deliver in customer service and protection is one of the biggest decisions you may make as a homeowner. Finding the right security service is a way for you to keep your mind at ease while simultaneously protecting your property, belongings, and family at all times. Before choosing a home alarm company such as NorthStar, it is important to review each security service to determine the best long-term option for you and your family.


Features of NorthStar Alarm

NorthStar alarm offers a range of features which are mostly standard for any home security company today. Some of their top features include:

  • Video monitoring and home surveillance cameras available for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Window and door motion sensors to deter burglars and vandals
  • Home automation is also available as an add-on package. With home automation, control thermostats, lighting in the home, garage door locks, and even small appliances which have also been integrated with your home automation system.

Lengthy Initial Contract

Unfortunately, the minimum length of a contract with NorthStar Alarm is 60 months, more than 5 years. With a 60 month contract in place, it is impossible to switch alarm companies within the dates set in place. If you choose to cancel or switch services, you are held responsible for paying the remainder of the balance owed on your account.

Automatic Renewal

With NorthStar Alarm, customers are subjected to an automatic renewal of their contract if it is not canceled with a written notice 60 days before the date is up on your written agreement. If a customer does not cancel their service, they are then subjected to another 18-month renewal or 100% of the balance must be paid up in addition to a cancellation fee.


Pricey Service Fees

An $80 service fee is applied to a customer’s account anytime a service technician is requested (even if the equipment is malfunctioning or it is no fault of the owner).

Moving Costs Required

Even if you are a long-time and loyal customer of NorthStar Alarm, you are still required to pay a moving fee and charge for installation at a new location even if you are keeping NorthStar Alarm as your sole security provider. NorthStar Alarm is one of the few companies in the competitive market which charges customers a moving fee even when they are sticking with the same service in their new home.

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