Blink Security Systems are another newcomer to the market of home security systems, only entering the space a few years ago with their affordable wireless security systems. These systems are an affordable option for home security, also referred to as residential security, but they are not the most high quality cameras for their price, nor are they even in a league of such systems, including the cameras. However, for an affordable security system, they get the job done. They just might not get it done in the convenient and easy way that you might want it to get done, particularly if you own a smart phone and want to connect that way. There are many pros and cons of the systems as discussed below in this post.


The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life. – Jane Addams

Blink Security System Features

One of the biggest complaints about Blink Security Systems are the features, or lack of features. The cameras, according to online reviews of a $160 system back in 2016, are only able to be activated with motion detection. But we have to remember that there are two types of Blink Security camera systems: Blink and Blink XT. The regular Blink system provides only indoor cameras. The XT models can be used indoors or outdoors and have infrared night vision in addition to being weatherproof to protect against the outside elements like rain, snow, dust, dirt, sunlight, etc. They use the same sync module and you can connect up to 10 cameras at once on that one single module. One of the most positive reviews about these systems pertains to their free data storage when you purchase the security camera system. This helps greately save families money that are buying security solutions for their house. The system also integrates with Amazon Alexa, the voice activated speaker device that connects to the Internet. It is also IFTTT compatible. These are some of the positive features of the Blink Security camera systems for outdoor and indoor use.

The Downside to Blink Security

What we found when researching Blink cameras and residential security systems was that there were several downsides in addition to upsides of this affordable security solution for homes. For example, you can only get one minute of recording after motion is actually detected. That is not a lot of recroding time, especially if someone is there longer than one minute and you need that video evidence. There is also no recording on demand in live mode. For many, this is a non-starter. You can live stream but only in 30-second increments. Again, not a lot of time. You get free storage but you are limited to only two hours on their data plan provided. So in terms of recording and storage hours, the Blink systems are not all that great. Also, there are no pan, tilt or zoom functions available and you can not add multiple users to an account. That means sharing credentials, which is a security no-no for many. Automation is also lacking. For example, there is no way to schedule arming or disarming.



The Blink systems for home security are affordable but there are many other much better systems out there for around the same price point. Some have said  Blink entered the market late and are trying to play catch up. This might translate to poor support for the product. If looking for a DIY solution that is cheap, this one will do but you will not get all the features you are likely looking for in a home security system. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.