Did you know that only 13% of reported burglaries are ever solved by police due to a lack of physical evidence or eyewitness reports?

Investing in a home security system is one of the best ways you can protect your family and household at all times. With the right home security system, deter up to 60% of potential burglars and vandals from marking your home as a target. Before you choose a home security system that is right for you, compare your options while ensuring you are receiving the best service possible with any budget you have available.

Features of Ooma Home Security

Ooma home security provides all-in-one packages that are affordable. One of the most popular home security packages from Ooma home security costs $129 to get started. Additional features of Ooma home security that stand out include:


  • Ooma is a VoIP service, which does not require a standard monitoring fee in order to take advantage of the system’s features
  • Installing Ooma is not entirely tricky, although it is recommended that you are familiar with installing home security equipment before moving forward
  • Affordable plans without traditional installation fees that are standard with most home security companies on the market

Cons of Ooma Home Security

While Ooma home security has positive ratings for an all-in-one DIY home security solution, there are a few drawbacks when choosing Ooma home security such as:

  • While using the Ooma home security system does not require a monthly payment for the service itself, all consumers who choose to implement Ooma’s home security equipment are required to pay a monthly fee in taxes to take advantage of the service
  • Although smartphones are not required to utilize Ooma home security, a smartphone is necessary during the setup process of any system you choose for your home
  • Limited equipment selection and complaints regarding the overall quality of sensors and motion detectors available to implement with Ooma home security
  • There are no automatic sirens available to deter vandals and burglars with the Ooma home security system
  • Currently, there is no support available for problematic or malfunctioning security cameras, requiring you to repair or replace all of your home security equipment on your own

Break-ins are likely to happen equally during the daytime and night.

Why Choose a Monitored Home Security Solution?

Choosing a monitored home security solution is ideal if you are unsure of how to go about installing a DIY system on your own. With a monitored home security system that is available 24/7, rest easy and gain peace of mind knowing that a professional company is keeping an eye on your home and property. Whenever an alarm is triggered in or outside of your home, receive immediate alerts via text along with a phone call from your monitored security company. Monitored security companies also assist in contacting the proper local authorities whenever alarms are set off.


Protect America is a leading provider of home security systems that are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. Build your own home security setup with Protect America or opt for an already-existing plan. Choose to install the equipment you need on your own or request assistance from a professional Protect America representative. Avoid installation fees and paying retail prices for any equipment you are interested in using in your own home up to $1,400 with Protect America by your side.

Do you want a home security system that is reliable, durable, and monitored 24/7? Contact Protect America to learn more about your options while comparing plans and getting your free quote to get started today!