If you’re a shopper looking for a home security system, you have two basic needs. You want a system that is smart—cutting edge in terms of home automation—and your system should be as simple to set up as possible. The old days of traditional, legacy home security companies that require hard-wired installers to come to homes and place wires throughout the house, spending customer time waiting on installers to finish the job are long behind us.

The Oomi smart home system aims to accomplish just this. It’s a DIY (do-it-yourself) system that uses NFC communication protocol (near-field-communication), so devices connect together seamlessly.

Oomi is equipped with most of the essentials that users look for in a smart device, and it can integrate with other products and add tools to its system. But is Oomi all it’s cracked up to be?


A Further Look at the Product Specs

Like many other home security tools on the market, Oomi was a successfully funded device via Kickstarter, where they crowdfunded 1.7 million to produce their starter kit.

The Oomi Starter Kit comes with a dedicated control tablet, an Oomi Cube camera hub—a smart switch for turning lamps, fans, and other smart appliances on and off—and two color-changing smart bulbs. The Oomi Cube Camera doubles as a Z-Wave hub. The kit is priced at $700 and devices can be added to it a la cart style.

The system integrates with Nest Thermostat, Philips Hue Light Bulbs, Amazon’s Alexa, and other Z-Wave devices.Thanks to the NFC communication the device has, connecting devices is easy. Users simply tap on the device on the Oomi control tablet and they will connect immediately.

Users control Oomi via their smartphones or tablets, and the system has a sophisticated rules engine whose tablet controller doubles as a universal remote. Custom triggers, results for automated rules, and conditions for actions during certain times of day can all be set up via the tablet and viewed on the application.

Overall Oomi has a lot to offer and the device performs well. So what’s the catch? Why can’t it work as a home security tool? What’s the device lacking?


Unmonitored Can’t Ever Compete

There’s a lot of bells and whistles with this device. Everything sounds good from the outset, but Oomi is far too expensive tool, considering what it’s lacking—monitored security.

As we’ve noted before, security systems often come in either monitored or unmonitored options. The DIY solutions that are seen on the market are monitored, which means that the system is not connected to a central monitoring station. If a burglary or emergency were to occur, the police and authorities are not notified. It is up to users receiving and sending push alert notifications to respond themselves to the event.

If this is the home security solution you’ve purchased, how is it any better than stand-alone cameras in the home? Aside from it’s lack of monitored security, Oomi lacks the third party integration of other devices, and the upfront fee is also much higher than other tools on the market. The $700 spent would cover over a year of service with Protect America.

At Protect America we offer a home automated security system that is equipped with a smart panel, IFTTT tech, Amazon Alexa integration, and various other smart home tools that can be added. We do this while remaining monitored, providing real security for our customers. Interested in being equipped with a home security system? Contact one of our security reps today.