A small white sphere is maneuvering its way around your kitchen. It’s shifting its center of gravity like a hamster in a ball. Meet Orbii, the robotic home security monitoring tool that drives through the home with accuracy and precision.

Previously known as SensorSphere, and recently changed to Orbii, the development team was approached in the early stages by emergency first responders. Firefighters, police, and hazmat teams viewed the product as a remotely controlled, environmental solution for rescue operations.  Due to their request Orbii was designed with interchangeable panels that can be upgraded to include environment and situation awareness.  This Indiegogo campaign is funding the consumer version.

What You’re Getting

You’ll control Orbii via joystick, and he’ll use his position sensors to map your home and office as you drive him around. Once the map has been made, Orbii can follow its coordinates, or patrol the home autonomously to check in on family, or simply make sure your pets aren’t causing any trouble. Orbii can tell the difference between humans, pets, and regular motion.  The outer shell will break into 8 separate module sections, and users will be able to install module upgrades like a thermal camera, environmental sensors, infra red emitters, and even a laser pointer. He Ccn be upgraded to include sensors that detect temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide levels, air quality, air pressure, and volatile organic compounds The basic model comes with an 720p HD camera and microphone. Speakers, additional sensors and attachments will be added to perk packages, become available to purchase online, or both in the future.  He connects via WiFi, so you can control him with any smartphone or tablet. The app features joystick controls, live streaming video, real time notifications, sensor data readings, and access to both locally and cloud stored video footage.


Orbii has eight hours of on board memory to record audio, video streams, and environmental data, but a cloud storage subscription plan allows you to keep data on servers for up to 30 days.  He’s equipped with sound and motion detection, so if anything is heard louder than your preferred settings, you will be alerted via text or notification. 

 Orbii is said to be excellent in low-lighting situations, and future versions will feature updated camera with infra red LED to allow clear night vision.  He’s made of poly carbonate, so he’s “durable” and water resistant. He’s meant for indoors but can be used outside as well.

The Verdict 

Some additional upgrades aren’t available yet. The early bird deal sells for $139 for one Orbii, $348 for two, or $696 for four. It isn’t clear how much the product will cost once the early bird deal expires.  When asked on Indiegogo if Orbii is meant to replace a security system, the developers themselves noted that at this stage of development, Orbii is intended to augment existing security, or provide a degree of security for those who can’t afford a full, modern home security system. 


 Orbii doesn’t come equipped with the best battery life, he’s only able to drive and record data for one hour on a single charge. We think Orbii can be a fun addition to the home. Since he’s durable and water resistant, you can trust that small children or pets won’t be able to damage him, and he can even capture candid photos of the family. But like the developers themselves say, he isn’t meant to replace a home security setup. The device won’t be shipped out until April 2017, so there may be many other tools on the market by that time.  There aren’t many reviews of the product online, so it’s unclear how well Orbii will operate.

If you have disposable income and think Orbii can be a fun addition to your home, go for it. But otherwise, kick him out of orbit.