The tech world and IoT (Internet of Things) have gotten closer to turning the science fiction imagined smart home into reality. This will attempt to breakdown the top gadgets for home automation.

Home security packages themselves are becoming automated, including our services here at Protect America, but home automation isn’t just about security anymore. Various apps and gadgets have sprung up to make life in the home more convenient, or in some cases — more fun.

Here’s our list of some of the coolest high-tech gadgets available for homeowners. Since these devices vary in their use, practicality, et cetera; and their necessity is rather subjective, this list is in no particular order. 


Nest Learning Thermostat

This is the 3rd gen installment of the Nest Learning Thermostat and may be the best yet. As the name suggests, the product “learns” what temperatures you enjoy at what times, and builds your schedule accordingly. It only takes one week to program itself.

As with any home automation product, you are free to adjust temperature settings via your smartphone, and alerts will be sent in case some sort of temperature in your home is off.

The thermostat also shows you how much energy you used every day, so you can keep track of spending.

Belkin WeMo Smart Slow Cooker

The Belkin Wemo Smart Slow Cooker connects to your smart device so that you can control your crock pot from wherever you are.

Worried about your meat loaf overcooking? No problem. Need to start the soup? Easy.

Just make sure you’ve already placed food inside of the pot. Unfortunately, the technology can’t load itself.

Wally Smart Home Water Sensor 

Wally might be the most useful of all gadgets on the list. This tool detects and alerts you if there’s any water leaks, or important changes like humidity or temperature within the home.

Simply place sensors near areas prone to water leakage, and you’ll be alerted in case of an event.

Phillips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting 

Hue Lighting can schedule to wake you up, stay on while you’re away from home, or provide proper lighting for any particular setting. 

Hue lets you control your lights from wherever you are, or automate completely.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

The Family Hub is a WiFi enabled touchscreen refrigerator that lets you manage your groceries and communicate with your family.

Cameras inside the fridge take photos every time the doors close and you can acess them from anywhere to know what you have or what you’re missing.

Alternatively you can use the fridge to coordinate family schedules, leave notes and reminders, and show off pictures of the latest events via the tablet style screen on the front of the fridge.


Kohler Moxie, Showerhead + Wireless Speaker

The Moxie takes the place of a traditional showerhead and claims to bring you spa like shower water, accompanied with a water proof built-in speaker.

The product connects to your devices via Bluetooth You won’t exactly be able to change your playlist mid-use, but enjoy tunes while you clean.

Automation! Automation Everywhere!

If you can think of it, there’s probably a company creating an automated version of it somewhere. 

These products are fun, convenient, in some instances like Nest or Hue, might even save you money, but many of them are expensive.

Enjoy home automated gadgets at your own risk, but remember that these systems and devices aren’t capable of substituting for all-inclusive home security systems that are professionally monitored 24/7.