Whether you provide security for yourself and family or for your business, your monitored surveillance system makes a huge difference in safety. In a business environment, security departments must now guarantee greater security than ever. Legal requirements for proactive prevention create a need for improved situational awareness which includes early threat detection and quick intruder or threat identification followed by quick action. Panasonic Home Security provides high resolution solutions that enable interior and exterior surveillance that let personnel electronically detect and identify individuals and items to maintain safety. The well-respected electronics manufacturer has entered the home security and home automation, offering a bevy of integrated solutions.


Panasonic Home Security Basics

Panasonic Home Security manufactures a multitude of products from facial recognition systems to video surveillance cameras to enhance safety in a variety of situations, including home, industrial and office.

Panasonic offers a wide range of security devices and management systems to enable complete surveillance of any structure and surrounding grounds. Its products include:

  • cameras,
  • centralized management systems,
  • facial recognition software,
  • microphones,
  • network camera/microphone combinations,
  • network video recorders (NVR),
  • viewers.

Panasonic Home Security Details

The firm’s i-PRO video surveillance system provide 4K high-definition video resolution contains all of these components. Its common uses include the home, as well as, in banks, educational facilities, factories, hospitals, retail stores and warehouses. It makes a good choice for larger homes with multiple entry points. In business, education or industrial installations, it provides views of approach and multiple entry points. In factory settings, management may monitor access to safety areas. Hospitals use it for general security, as well as monitoring drug access. Retail locations use it for general security and as a method of reducing shrinkage and shoplifting.

If a home user desires a simpler system with the same high-quality components, the Panasonic Home Monitoring Twin Camera Kit provides an indoor and outdoor solution. Its indoor camera works as a general security camera or a baby/pet monitor. Its talk back function allows interaction with any individual in the vicinity of the camera. The outdoor camera provides weather-resistant surveillance that you can mount outside the home’s entryway or within the yard to train on the entry or perimeter. The kit also includes two door/window sensors, one motion sensor, one DECT-enabled handset, one smart plug and a system hub, the home security equivalent of the larger i-PRO system’s management system. should you not already own such a thing.

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Protect America Can Help

Let Protect America monitor your Panasonic home security system. Our professionals monitor your system 24 hours a day, seven days a week to enhance your safety. The best home security system can’t protect you by itself. You can’t view the monitoring app yourself every minute of the day, but we can.


Our customers let us know what a great job we do for them by helping us win the Consumers Digest Best Buy award nine times. Established in 1992, we enhance your home security while charging no installation fees, locked-in rates and a price-match guarantee. You can get started with a 36-month contract that costs only $30 per month.

If you already have a non-monitored system installed, we can monitor it. If you don’t already have a security system, tell us because we will include in your contract up to $1,400 in free security equipment. We provide direct-to-consumer service. That means we send your security system directly to you, then we guide you through its do-it-yourself installation. This saves you money and ensures you really know your security system.

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