Peak Alarm is a local alarm system company functioning throughout the Midwest. Operating since 1969, the company now has over 150 employees and offers cameras, DVRs, alarm monitoring, and home automation. Services provided through Peak Alarm are fairly common and the services are available at affordable prices. However, poor customer care and lacking technology may make the service less than optimal for many homeowners and business owners. 

The Good and the Bad of Peak Alarm 

"Their calls are unhelpful, their techs can’t solve a problem, and they can’t prioritize between urgent and not urgent."

Peak Alarm is a fairly affordable, local alarm service that does have some positive reviews from local customers. However, customers have noted that there are some issues with their service:

  • It isn’t possible to get a "free" system from them. Peak Alarm doesn’t subsidize the cost of the alarm system, so you will end up paying for both the equipment and the installation. This may not necessarily be a bad thing in and of itself, but it does somewhat mitigate their otherwise affordable costs. Still, it’s better than a bait-and-switch.
  • Customer service is poor. Customers of Peak Alarm have noted that technicians may not respond to urgent calls or may not be able to appropriately prioritize urgent calls, leading to slow response times. One customer noted that they were called multiple times to be told that there was an issue with their home, but not told what the issue was. 
  • Billing issues have occurred. In the past, billing issues have occurred with Peak Alarm that appear to have resulted in customers going to collections when they shouldn’t have. Though the company has since changed its billing department, these problems can have long-lasting consequences. It also indicates that the company may be less than careful with its customer data.

The Problems With a Local Alarm Service

Peak Alarm is a local alarm service that operates in Utah. Like many local alarm services, this can cause problems. Local alarm companies tend to be small and poorly staffed, which means they can’t always respond to issues in a timely manner. They may not be able to make emergency calls quickly or consistently and they may not respond swiftly to trouble tickets. 

National alarm services have 24/7 monitoring systems that are fully staffed and always available. This ensures that the system works as intended and that customers are always able to rely on their system to be responsive and accurate. 

Peak Alarm is a fairly typical local alarm service, but its downside appears to be poor customer service and erratic, inconsistent hardware. For more information about the most popular alarm services — and to get your own — contact Protect America today.