Per Mar Security Services has been operating since 1953. Despite this, they have generally bad reviews and a lot of employee complaints. Offering home security and business security, Per Mar’s online reviews are rampant with complaints about customer service. 

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What Do Customers Say About Per Mar Security Services?

We called Per Mar to get help and they told us our panel was OK, even though it was beeping ever so loudly in the background!  Their customer service rep was clueless and we had to insist they send out a service guy.

Per Mar Security Services has exceptionally low ratings from existing customers. Existing customers complain that Per Mar ignores their issues and refuses to send out representatives. Other customers point out that the system can be very unreliable, which is the last thing that anyone wants from a security system. Other complaints include:

  • Not posting a lot of information regarding their moving, cancellation, contract fees, or installation.
  • Lying to employees about the operations, stiffing them on paychecks, and creating a hostile environment.
  • Not caring about their clients, which may be indicative of larger support issues. 
  • Having untrustworthy employees working for them.

What Do Employees Say About Per Mar Security Services?

Security services are only as good as the people who deliver them. Employees generally rank Per Mar Security fairly lowly, indicating that the employees are not satisfied and may not be doing their best job. Employees cited low pay, incompetent management, and poor communication as negatives throughout the company. This may go a long way toward explaining the poor customer service.

Employees also noted that they were often rebuked for performance issues in front of other employees; this can cause problems in security settings, as employees may be more likely to hide issues rather than report them.

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What’s the Verdict on Per Mar Security Services?

Per Mar Security Services has almost universally negative reviews from both customers and staff. Regardless of cost, it’s likely that customers will not get good service from this company; it appears to be severely lacking in its customer service department, and does not have any type of special technology that could make up for this.

Per Mar Security Services is a bad security service — but luckily there are a lot of other options. If you’re looking for a security system that is state-of-the-art and comes with lightning fast customer service and support, contact Protect America.