Users of the Comcast Xfinity Home Security and automation system are now able to integrate their device with Philips Hue smart lights. This integration is a long time coming. Users of the Comcast Home Security tool have frequently wondered when further home automation integrations would occur. 

For Philips Hue smart lights, however, integrating is not new. These lights are compatible with a broad variety of third-party products and services.

Currently Philips Hue is inter-operable with over 600 apps, products, and platforms from a variety of brands and developers. Some of those devices include Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s HomeKit and Siri, Google Assistant, and the Google Home speaker. And those are only the voice control options. Philips Hue integrates with other smart home tools on the market. 


About Xfinity Home

Xfinity Home is the home security and automation solution that is available via Comcast. Their service has 24/7 monitoring, and battery and cell backup. We’ve explored their product and how it compares to Protect America, which you can view here.

Xfinity does connect with other home automation devices, including August Smart Lock. This new integration with Philips Hue allows users to create “rules” which serve as automated commands. Commands can schedule lights to customize according to a users needs, or to turn on and off when a user exits and enters a room or hallway.

Lights can also be scheduled to turn on and off when a system is armed and disarmed, and lights are operated directly from the Xfinity Home application.

Future integrations will allow Philips Hue to pair with the Xfinity Home Xi voice remote control, which allows users to control lights via voice commands.

Never Replace Security with Luxury

Philips Hue is a product that is simple to use and has been well received among customers, but it is important for homeowners to remember that Philips Hue is simply a lighting tool, which isn’t the most vital part of a home security unit.

While these home automation tools are fun to have and can make life easier, we don’t recommend spending money that could be used for security on luxury equipment. If you have the extra funds, these devices are exciting, but never neglect home security equipment for thrills.

At Protect America, our home security systems integrate with a number of home automation devices as well. We are compatible with various Z-Wave appliances, and we’re proud to mention that we recently launched integration with Amazon’s Echo devices


Our home automation services allow users to create “scenes” which serve as a series of events. For example, users can arm their system, and once the system is armed, lights in the home will be turned in. This style of action is possible with your system and all other home automation tools you have installed.

Visit the link here to see more on the home automation capabilities that Protect America offers.

Remember: home automation tools are exciting and fun, and we encourage homeowners to enjoy the full spectrum of what their home is capable of, but these systems should never substitute for an all-encompassing home security unit.