With more than 2.5 million burglaries in the US each year, it is no wonder that millions of homeowners are continuously in the market for a home security system they can trust and rely on. When you begin shopping for a home security system from providers such as Phoenix Security, it is essential to compare your options to ensure you are making a choice that is right for you and your family long-term.

According to the FBI, Americans can expect 1 in every 36 homes to be robbed at some point, which is why the demand for home security systems has never been greater.

Access Control

One of the perks of choosing Phoenix Security Systems is the ability to utilize access control to your system from just about any location. Access your home security system with the use of your mobile smartphone, allowing you to restrict or allow access to your system’s controls and functions for anyone in your home or anyone else monitoring your system using their own phones.  Take advantage of the ability to use a keyless entry with your mobile smartphone, allowing you to arm and disarm your system from anywhere. Receive instant security notifications, warnings, and alerts using your smartphone to never feel “out of the loop” when keeping an eye on your home and property with complete access control features.

Advantages of Phoenix Security Systems


Choosing Phoenix Security Systems as your sole provider of home security offers a number of benefits and advantages such as:

  • The ability to implement a security system for both residential and commercial properties, ideal for anyone interested in protecting their homes and businesses.
  • Multiple ways to access your home or property including keyless entry, keypad access, and even card swipe entrance setups. Biometric door locks, as well as key FOBs, are also available when setting up a residential or commercial home security system through Phoenix Security Systems.
  • A panic alert button solution is also available with Phoenix Security, allowing you to send silent alarm triggers to the monitoring company. Sending a silent alarm trigger is optimal for those who do not wish to draw attention to themselves but who are in need of contacting the proper local authorities such as the local fire or police department.
  • Phoenix Security Systems not only provides security for homes and rooms indoors. Protect all surrounding areas of your home or place of business with exterior devices and monitoring systems available from Phoenix.
  • Contact emergency services with one button using Phoenix Security Systems. Immediately get in touch with local emergency responders whenever you are in need in less time than when using traditional home security systems.

Cons of Phoenix Security System

While Phoenix Security offers a range of equipment plans and security services, they are also extremely vague regarding monthly and installation costs required from customers. Without a clear understanding of the plans they have available and the costs you should expect, it is difficult to move forward with a decision you feel comfortable with when signing a contractual agreement with a security company. Additionally, there is no information readily available regarding potential fees or equipment costs, leaving prospective customers in the dark until reaching out and speaking to an agent directly regarding your home security needs.


Protect America is the 14th largest leading home security provider in the US today, offering flexibility with affordable solutions for any family and household. Take advantage of 24/7 monitored home security solutions from Protect America without overpaying for equipment or paying an installation fee.

Do you want to get started with a home security plan that is optimal for your household? Get in touch with Protect America today to learn more about the equipment and plans currently available and right for you. Contact Protect America to get your free quote and to begin your journey to thoroughly protect your property and loved ones.