Wireless home security is on the rise, and with good reason. Having the ability to implement a home security system that is wireless and does not require a landline is extremely convenient and useful in homes or apartments of any size. When you are thinking of investing in a wireless home security solution, Piper Home Security is one option.


With more than 2 million burglaries annually in America, it is no wonder that so many homeowners are taking control of their home’s security with wireless devices and solutions.

What is Piper Home Security?

Piper Home Security is an all-in-one wireless device that provides instant alerts to your smartphone in the case of a breach or potential break-in. Piper Home Security was started using a fundraising platform and is relatively new with regards to the home security industry as a whole. With Piper Home Security’s main bundle, receive a traditional “Smart” security camera, motion detector, and one siren to get you started. Although Piper Home Security may not be an ideal solution for every home, it provides a basic wireless system that is up-to-date with modern security standards.

The Pros of Piper

Piper Home Security is not one of the nation’s leading provider, though it does offer some advantages such as:

  • All-in-one bundle which is ideal for homeowners who are interested in getting started with a home security solution as quickly as possible.
  • Wireless capabilities, allowing you to implement a home security system even if you do not currently have a landline in your home or on your property.
  • Some basic automation features and functions, although the service is not known for their automation capabilities.
  • Positive customer reviews in terms of support, allowing you to call or begin a live chat with a security representative in a short period of time.
  • Z wave compatibility, allowing you to utilize additional sensors and devices for a fully fleshed out home security system.

The Cons of Piper Home Security

While Piper Home Security is new to the industry and offers high-tech wireless protection, there are a few drawbacks to the company itself including:

  • Unmonitored system. Piper Home Security’s solution does not automatically call the police or proper authorities whenever your alarm has been triggered, leaving you responsible to handle potential break-ins and vandals.
  • Customers require multiple devices in order to fully protect their entire home, costing more than traditional home security systems for those who are interested in a complete solution.
  • Piper Home Security does not currently offer any devices with night vision, which is problematic for homeowners who want increased security during nighttime hours.
  • Piper is new to the market, which effectively means their products have yet to be perfected and may cause issues that are problematic to consumers.


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