Point is an all-in-one wireless home security device brought to you by Form, a Scandinavian team of developers headquartered in San Francisco. Point is a device that contains multiple features in which you can program and control from your smart phone. Point is aiming for a “soft security” approach- as it lacks many features of a traditional home security system. The device is minimal and cheap, offering limited security qualities. Since the device is band new, there have not been any out to test the quality as of now. Point began via Kickstarter, as a crowd funded project. Since the Kickstarter campaign launched, Point has surpassed it’s original pledged amount. The campaign ends December 2014 and the first round of Point devices will be made and shipped in late 2015. But until then, who’s going to be protecting your home?


How Reliable is It?

Point claims that a single device can protect a large enough area for the system to be successful. However, they encourage people with large homes to purchase multiple Point devices for different areas of the dwelling. Do you really want a device the size of a hockey puck protecting your entire home? The device alone will cost you about $80, which will add up depending on how many you consider purchasing. A single Point device will cost you considerably less than many of the other new crowd funded projects that have emerged lately. However, the tradeoff is that it lacks a camera. 

Is Point a trusted name in the home security industry? If you don’t know the answer to that question, you should probably look elsewhere. Since the first round of Point devices haven’t even been manufactured for testing, there is absolutely zero human feedback on the market for it. Do you really want to offer your family as the trial run for a home security device? There are far less risky subjects to test out for the first time.

Consider Protect America, a home security company that has over 20 years of experience in the business. For as low as $19.99 a month, you will receive free equipment to secure you’re entire home. With professional monitoring from Protect America, you’ll never feel more secure. We guarantee a lifetime warranty on all of our products as well. So if you feel like something isn’t working properly, we’ll replace it for free. Can you count on Point to do that? 

What does It Do?

Point is small and round with an all-white body. It attaches to the wall and looks like a speaker or a smoke detector once installed. There are lights that shine when certain things happen within your home, and you will be able to program these via your smartphone app. Point contains all of the features it sports within the single device. The features are limited, and include:

  • Air quality control
  • An Alarm
  • Motion sensing
  • Noise detection

It’s more about what Point doesn’t do that concerns us. Point lacks:

  • Professional monitoring
  • UL certified CO and smoke detection
  • Glass break sensors
  • Additional door and window sensors
  • Key chains
  • A surveillance camera
  • A central panel

Point is home security for the masses, and Protect America believes that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. 

Unmonitored versus Monitored Devices

Point is an unmonitored device. Unmonitored systems, however, are considered a major vulnerability. Having a professionally monitored system provides a much higher level of security. Only monitored systems come with 24-hour surveillance by a professional security team. With unmonitored systems, you’re largely on your own as far as responding to an intrusion. Consider using a monitored home security system from Protect America.


Monitored systems save precious time dispatching help at the exact moment of intrusion. For example, when your home gets broken into, the Point device sends you a text message notifying you. You’re busy at work and eventually check your phone an hour later. By this time, your home has been burglarized and your pets or family have been put at risk. Monitored systems will immediately send the police, fire department, or paramedics directly to your home after evaluating the existing condition.

Wouldn’t you prefer your security system preventing a burglary rather than interrupting one? Monitoring doors and windows with sensors and additional equipment can give you the advantage of knowing and acting before someone steps foot in your home. With Point, you are limited to the sensor within the device, making it less likely to deter criminal activity.

The Alternative

According to FBI crime statistics, a home burglary happens every 15 seconds in the U.S. and remains the most common threat to your home. For this reason, it is important to get a home security system that will actually protect you in the event of an emergency. Protect America can offer you simple home security solutions that still have the affordability of a DIY system. Consider Protect America today. Whatever your security needs may be, we can help you.