Post Alarm is a unique security solution that has a different type of approach to security contracts. Though this different approach may work for some, it’s a negative to most customers. Before you get involved with Post Alarm, you may want to know more about how traditional security contracts work and the general cost of equipment. 


How Do Post Alarm Contracts Work?

Post Alarm Systems offers a unique approach towards their basic package which requires new customers to pay for the equipment, installation, and activation up front in exchange for a no contract agreement.

Post Alarm is a different type of security service. Rather than create a conventional contract or monitoring service, Post Alarm instead requests that customers pay all of the costs of their services. That means that customers need to be able to put up a significant amount of cash to begin with.

But after this, the customers don’t need to agree to a contract. They still need to pay for monitoring services and require a wireless access point (though landline services are also available) but customers can cancel at any time. Of course, if a customer does cancel, they will need to find another provider to service their existing equipment.

This isn’t always possible, as many security services want to install their own equipment or at least upgrade and modify existing equipment. So, even if Post Alarm doesn’t require a contract it may still effectively be more expensive for a customer to leave their service with their equipment.

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How Much Does the Equipment Cost?

For most customers, the cost is going to be either close to or over a thousand dollars to purchase a new security system upfront. This even includes basic systems, which have basic access control and monitoring functionality. The more sensors you need, the more it will cost.

Very few people are going to want to pay this much for an alarm company right away. There is no way to finance the system through Post Alarm, so you will need to purchase the equipment if you want to use them. Further, you cannot use older equipment with Post Alarm, so they will not try to use or retro-fit an older or existing system.

Is Post Alarm Worth the Cost?

Post Alarm has relatively high reviews and good customer satisfaction — that is not its main problem. The main problem with Post Alarm is that it requires you to put out a thousand dollars in cash to begin securing your home, your valuables, and your family.

If you want to get a security solution without having to pay cash upfront, Protect America can help. Contact Protect America for a quote and to learn more about no payment down security solutions.