You realize the importance of home security, if you’re reading this. You may want to upgrade your current system or need your initial security system installed.

The equipment you use matters, as does the monitoring service. Protect America offers both installations and monitoring. That means we sometimes add to an existing system or simply take over or begin monitoring it. In our blog, you’ll find honest appraisals of many manufacturer’s equipment, such as Premier Home Security.

Premier Home Security Background

Established in 2000, Premier Home Security designs and installs security systems. Founded by a security specialist and defense contractor, the company designs diverse systems that intertwine multiple home services. Its systems commonly include:

  • access control,
  • computer network integration/controls,
  • electronic security alarms,
  • fire/smoke detectors,
  • intercoms,
  • surveillance cameras providing audio and video.

Premier also designs business systems. The parent company, Premier Security & Electronics, Inc., offers two separate divisions, Home and Business.

What Makes Premier Home Security Systems Special

Founder Brandon Clare has worked in the security and surveillance field since 1995. He’s also a licensed master electrician. His experience in the related fields of CCTV in continuing education and business development lend a unique perspective to Premier’s designs.

Clare’s partner, Joli Toth, serves as Premier’s business development and operations specialist. She served as a defense contractor with Telos Corp. Engineering Solutions & Products (ESP) LLC. for 22 years. Toth earned a MBA from Monmouth University and a BS in Electrical Engineering. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Premier’s surveillance and security designs combine the latest technology with in-depth systems knowledge. The company designs from a perspective of understanding the “why” behind the technology’s “what.”

Using Premier’s Home Systems

The company custom design each system installation based on customer budget, home size and taste/decor. It offers multiple keypad and sensor designs to suit decor needs.

Premier focuses on the latest major innovation in home security, the Internet of Things (IoT). You’ll hear this referred to as home automation in the security field. Integrated IoT devices and sensors into the system allows the user to connect with the system long distance. These systems let you control items like the thermostat, video feed and recording, locking and unlocking doors from a mobile app or computer. Premier’s systems offer Android and iPhone apps and computer access.

“Without monitoring, your security is just a glorified noise maker.”

Protect America Provides the Monitoring

At Protect America, we offer both security systems and monitoring. We can add to or monitor your existing system. We recommend the leading equipment for your needs and while we encourage the use of home automation, we also point out the Importance of having security professionals monitor your home security system. We can do this even over normally non-monitored security technology, such as standalone cameras like the Honeywell Lyric C1 interior camera.

We understand that many households develop their security systems through an ongoing process, so we designed our systems to work with other company’s designs. You’ll find honest appraisals of security equipment from many manufacturer’s in our blog to help you learn more about equipment and to help you determine your needs. We also provide a free consultation and quote. Simply call us or submit our online form. We know every household has different needs. The one common need though is monitoring.


You can’t watch your home alarms and cameras every moment, but we can. We employ triple redundant monitoring stations throughout the US to ensure out up time. We’re simply stating a fact when we say, “Without monitoring, your security is just a glorified noise maker.” So, fill out our consultation form and get started making your home safer and more secure.