Home security monitoring systems are essential in helping keep your home safe and less likely to be targeted by criminals and criminal activity. With the current wave of technology and its constant growth and updates, having video and audio access to your residence while you are away with a home security monitoring system has become easier than ever. Powered by Wi-Fi, wireless home security systems have become popular with homeowners because of their ease of use.


Many companies that provide video monitoring security systems offer coordinating apps that you can download to your mobile devices. These apps will instantly alert you through notifications on your phone or mobile device- whether you are home or away- to broken or opened windows, movements detected within the home or its perimeter, fire and carbon monoxide alarms, doors opening, severe temperature changes and even the presence of water. Some systems also offer the ability to listen and speak to intruders that do come on your property and signal an alarm to scare them away- or to talk to mail carriers that are dropping off packages.

To make controlling your home more streamlined, many home security monitoring systems are equipped with Smart Home technology. This technology allows you to connect to all your smart-technology powered appliances and electronics, offering you remote access to garage doors, lighting, thermostats and much more right from your mobile device. While having so much power at your fingertips can be appealing, if you are self-monitoring your home exclusively, you’re putting yourself at risk.

Some Issues with Self-Monitoring Home Security Systems

Self-Monitoring Means Emergency Situations are Reported by You Directly

No one really knows how they will react in an emergency unless they’re professionally trained to do so. In the matter of life and death emergencies like fire or criminal acts like a home invasion or robbery, your life and those of your family members may be at risk. Thus, instant access to your phone to reach the police or local fire department may not be possible. A professionally monitored home security system means that when an alarm goes off, your security company will contact the emergency professionals on your behalf so that you can get out if there is a fire or be secure that the police will be on their way if you’re being victimized.

Insurance Companies Offer Discounts for Professionally Monitored Security Systems

Besides your safety, another major perk to picking a professionally monitored security system rather than one that is self-monitored are discounts on your insurance policy. Most major home insurance companies offer deep discounts to homes that are equipped with professionally monitored security systems because they recognize the value in the type of protection that is offered because of professional monitoring.


Internet and Power Outages can Knock your Security Systems Offline

With Wi-Fi powered wireless systems, if there are power or internet outages in your area due to inclement weather or high electricity usage, you may go offline, and instant alerts may be compromised. During these moments- and especially during black and brownouts- your home becomes susceptible to being targeted. Monitored systems don’t depend on the internet to function, but rather utilize live cell towers to send alerts and have backup generators to ensure their viability.

Protect America’s Exclusive Home Security Monitoring System

Finding the right system for your home can be frustrating with so many available from which to choose. A 24/7 monitored system will always be your best choice. Protect America is a nine-time Consumer’s Digest Best Buy winner with reason.  A home security system from Protect America means you get locked-in rates, no installation fees and price guaranteed matches against other popular home security systems. Starting around $30 per month, a system from Protect America is affordable as it is secure. You’ll get up to $1,400 in free equipment which means you’ll save tons of money and if you find a better rate on another system, Protect America will match it dollar for dollar.  If you’re ready to learn more about how a live monitored home security system can work for you, contact Protect America today for questions and get a free quote.