Arlo is a highly trusted manufacturer of quality home security systems. Its latest release is the Arlo Pro, which is a wireless home monitoring system that comes with up to 5 cameras, and gives you the option to add on additional cameras (up to 15 per system). The Arlo Pro system integrates with Arlo’s free app, which gives you remote access from any mobile device to:


  • Check live video feeds
  • Capture recordings
  • Set motion sensors
  • Trigger a home siren

Arlo Pro also integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa for hands-free voice command control. However, the Arlo system isn’t perfect, as it has a few technological setbacks. While it’s overall a high-quality system, it does come at a high price.



Pro: Easy Wireless Setup

The Arlo Pro cameras run on batteries, which means you don’t need to plug them in. Its wireless setup gives you more freedom to position and reposition your cameras wherever you want them. There’s no drilling or wiring needed, so you can simply pick up the cameras and move them, whether it’s to a different room, or a different house. The camera kit comes with everything you need for an easy DIY installation.

Pro: Weather Resistance

Because Arlo Pro cameras are weatherproof, you can place them outdoors, no matter what climate you live in. These cameras were made to tolerate even the harshest conditions.

Pro: HD Video Quality with Night Vision

The Arlo camera captures HD 720p video, with a 110-degree field of view. This quality isn’t compromised when the lights go off or the sun goes down. Its night vision feature turns on automatically at night and allows the camera to continue capturing crisp-clear videos.

Pro: Recordings Are Stored on the Cloud

Arlo Pro includes Arlo Basic service, which stores all your recordings from the past 7 days on the cloud for free so that you can access them. If you want to store more than what was captured in the last week, you can pay for more storage space.

Pro: Motion and Sound Alert Feature with Smart Siren

Arlo cameras work by recording whenever motion or sound is detected, and then alerting you through the Arlo app. Once you receive an alert, you can pull up the video that was recorded and view it remotely. Arlo Pro comes with a smart siren, which you can trigger remotely if you see something suspicious based on a recording. This is a 100+ decibel siren that can stop criminals before they’re able to do damage. You can also set this siren to be automatically triggered by motion or sound, which could help you better protect your home and your family. An article in Better Homes & Gardens offers this advice:

“At a minimum, include one interior siren to scare off the burglar and alert you to the situation. You may want to add an exterior siren so that the neighbors know when your alarm is activated. Also, consider whether you want the system monitored by a central station.”


Con: High Cost

The Arlo Pro package that comes with just one camera costs about $200, and the set with 5 cameras is around $530. Although you’re paying a lot, the package does include everything you need to install the cameras, and the Arlo app for accessing them remotely is available for free.

Con: Poor Battery Life

The Arlo Pro camera takes CR123a batteries, which aren’t cheap. If your system records an average of 4 minutes of video a day, you’ll probably get 3 to 6 months of battery life. If you wanted to use it more extensively, like to check on a sleeping baby during naps or to make sure your kids got home from school at a certain time each day, your batteries will get used up a lot faster.

Con: Limited Motion Detection

While Arlo claims its cameras have advanced motion detection capability, according to users, it starts recording with a few seconds of delay after the motion begins. Also, someone walking directly toward the camera isn’t always detected—someone crossing the camera from one side to the other is more likely to trigger the recording.

Con: Only Comes in White

The Arlo Pro cameras only come in white, which can be conspicuous in both indoor and outdoor settings. If you want them to be noticed, it might work for you. But if you want to hide your cameras, the Arlo system may not be for you.

Con: You Have to Preset the Length of Videos

Once a camera is triggered by motion or sound detection to start recording, it will record for a preset amount of time. The camera doesn’t detect when the motion or sound has gone away. Instead, you’re required to choose an arbitrary amount of time for it to record a motion or sound. This means you may end up with less footage than what you needed to record an intrusion or other event.


Self Monitored vs. Professionally Monitored Systems

The Arlo Pro security system is designed as a self-monitoring system. It alerts you when it detects motion or sound in your home, and based on what you see you can choose to trigger the smart siren or respond another way. But no matter how advanced technology becomes, home security companies like Protect America are still needed to keep families safe with professional 24/7 monitoring.

24/7 Professional Monitoring by Protect America

Whereas self-monitoring systems simply give you the cameras, Protect America vows to keep tabs on your home’s safety and respond immediately to threats. You get locked-in rates starting at $30 a month, with zero installation fees and up to $1,400 worth of free home security equipment. If you’re looking for a better deal, you won’t find one! But in case you do—we’ll match it! If you’re interested in professionally monitored home security, get your free quote from Protect America.