Most people feel overwhelmed when shopping for a genuine home security system. The home automation industry is rapidly evolving as it entails products including cameras, locks, and sensors. Firms such as ProTech Home Security have started having third-party device integrations in their systems. Besides, you get unlimited house monitoring services. Keep on reading to learn more about ProTech security system.

“At the end of the day, safety and security are paramount”


Elements of the ProTech Home Security System


The system offers a variety of locks such as the August Smart Lock, Kwikset Premis, Poly-Control’s Danalock, Schlage Sense and the Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z-Wave Deadbolt. Danalock, Kevo and August locks are Bluetooth-enabled hence ideal for pairing with a smartphone whenever you are away.

Also, Kevo locks allow you to open your home’s door by tapping on it. August provides a connect accessory that enables one to access their bolt through Wi-Fi remotely. Many homeowners prefer using August and Danalock locks when fixing household deadbolts. They have a smooth setup process. On the other hand, Yale locks have a distinct built-in Z-Wave connectivity while Schlage Camelot locks need additional accessories to have smart connectivity.


Standalone security cameras are appealing to people who want to monitor a particular part of their home keenly. However, one can install several cameras. It’s recommended to upgrade to a package with sensors and cameras to have multiple viewing points in your house. ProTech system’s indoor, indoor-outdoor and outdoor cameras range from $70 to $250.Besides, different cameras have varying features.

ProTech home security provides various types of security cameras such as the Homeboy camera, Piper NV, Manything, and presence. Piper NV is appropriate if a house owner wants a live streaming camera with a 180 degrees angle. The camera has unique night vision, environmental and motion alert features. Also, it has a Z-Wave hub that enables you to connect extra


Additionally, the Homeboy camera is a viable option. It has a powerful battery and an SD video resolution. However, it doesn’t provide live streaming. It has a built-in siren that alerts you in case of an intrusion in your home and an IFTTT channel for sophisticated third-party integrations.

Third-party Integrations

The integrations help one to incorporate a variety of devices together. For instance, if you have a Homeboy camera, you can apply the IFTTT to create ideal recipes with Philips Hue LEDs, a Belkin Wemo Motion Switch and a thermostat.
Also, you can fully use third-party integrations by applying hubs such as SmartThings and Wink. They help in connecting a wireless router. Also, they can communicate with other devices through Bluetooth, WI-Fi, Z-Wave, and ZigBee. Furthermore, the integrations allow one to access various automation and home security products from a single universal application.

Unique Features of the ProTech Home Security System

Although it’s hard to make your home burglar-proof, you can track crime and provide useful information to the police. To achieve these, you need to install a high-quality security system. ProTech home security offers the following features.

  • High definition resolution: High definition cameras can record subtle details of a crime incident. It helps in tracking down culprits. Therefore, the system cameras’ high pixel and resolution make it ideal for any home design.
  • Remote viewing: It creates interfaces and apps that enable you to view recorded images on your phone or tablet.
  • Infrared vision: When choosing a security system, its vital to pick one that shows explicit photos in darkness. ProTech has an infra-red night vision that offers you a clear view of your property at night.
  • Motion activation: The system starts recording events once it detects any motion. It’s handy when you need 24-hours home surveillance.

Cons of Protech Home Security

Protech is a smaller company, so you have to expect that they can only do so much compared to the bigger company. This starts to become pretty obvious once they actually start installing equipment. They might try to install too many cameras on a limited DVR system causing your system to lag. There are also complaints that they are very stubborn about replacing equipment.

Also, since they are a smaller company, finding someone to come out and fix any issues you have with their service might land you in a pretty long waiting list. But generally if you complain hard enough, Protech will give you a full refund on your system. This can’t be said about every company.

Advantages of Installing the ProTech System

  • It offers real-time video footage with transparent images.
  • Its cameras’ infrared option switches on in dim light conditions.
  • You can customize the motion sensor to avoid false alarms.
  • The designed interfaces and smart applications help in managing an HDCVI system.
  • Wireless and appropriate for any location.
  • Tolerant to harsh weather conditions.
  • It provides prompt notification of motion alerts.
  • It has large storage capacity.
  • It offers real-time video footage with transparent images.

A good home security system is one that meets your household needs. Also, it should provide you with timely alerts in case of an intrusion. Contact Protect America to get a free quote. We have over 20 years of experience in home automation.