Protect America has been an industry leader in home security for over 26 years. With a combination of traditional values as well as state of the art technology, Protect America has continued to set the standard for professionally monitored home security when it comes to care and affordability. By cutting out the middlemen of the door-to-door salesman or professional installers, Protect America is able to offer savings to the customers that other home security companies simply can’t match. As a BBB Accredited Business, Protect America can offer not only the best home security but the best custom satisfaction as well.

BBB Rating

Protect America has continued to earn the highest awards in customer care and affordability. Not only has Protect America received the Consumers Digest Best Buy award for 10 years; it has also been awarded an A by the Better Business Bureau. Here is a detailed look at rubric used by the Better Business Bureau.

Here are what a few satisfied customers have had to say about their experience with Protect America in their BBB Rating:

“Excellent customer service! Could not possible have been a better customer experience. Thank you so much!!!” – Meryl A. 10/19/18 – 5 Star BBB Rating

“Everything from placing my order with Gregory Robinson to completing my activation with Timothy Bialeck was seamless and Great Customer Service. So far a Great relationship!!” – Jeff 8/24/18 – 5 Star BBB Rating


“Gregory Robinson of Protect American was an absolute professional in explaining to me everything about the company. Answered all questions and was never pushy. Great job.” – Van V. 8/11/18 – 5 Star BBB Rating

“Of all the companies that I have done business with over the last few years, few can compare with the outstanding service that I have received from Protect America. Any questions or concerns I had with installing a new security system were answered in a prompt and polite manner. Their associates made certain that everything with the new system was working properly. One could tell that those working at Protect America enjoy what they are doing and like dealing with the public. The agent I talked to today was Ciara. I highly recommend Protect America!” – Mac 8/8/18 – 5 Star BBB Rating

Industry Leader

With more than 500,000 homes secured, Protect America knows the ins and outs of home security systems. Due to utilizing a hybrid home security style, Protect America was able to find a better way to do security. Best of all Protect America did so without cutting corners or reducing quality. With an advanced combination of DIY installation and professional monitoring, customers are able to receive the highest level of security they deserve with the affordability and convenience of DIY technology.


Monitoring the security of a home isn’t as easy as glancing at a smartphone but instead, a full time job. Protect America offers customers a team of 24-hour professionals to ensure absolute security with some of the simplest equipment to install. With the latest models in home security technology, your Protect America system will not only protect your home but also be able to connect with any home automation device such as Amazon Alexa, for total home integration.

As seen from the BBB Ratings, customers love their experience with Protect America and that’s partly due to the unmatched benefits they receive. For one, customers never have to worry about their monthly fees increasing because once they sign a contact with Protect America, it will never change. Protect America also offers no up-front costs for starter kits or equipment. These benefits are something other home security companies simply are not able to offer.

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If you’re interested in finding the most efficient method to protect your home, contact Protect America today. A professionally monitored system, with an easy peel & stick installation process, is without question a prime choice. Protect America has been an industry leader for over 25 years. Let the professionals ensure your security so you can ensure peace of mind.