Preventing a home invasion is a top priority when you have a family. Even if you live alone, you don’t want to come home one day to find that everything you love has been taken. You’re responsible so you have insurance, but even with the right insurance, you won’t be able to get back all of the things that you lost. A home security system could prevent this from happening altogether. According to Alarm Industry Research & Education, “About 60% of the burglars indicated that the presence of an alarm would cause them to seek an alternative target altogether”. Two of the leading home security companies, Protect America and ADT both are great solutions but provide different options. Here is a comprehensive comparison between Protect America vs ADT. Which one is the best for you? First, let’s take a look at what you should consider before navigating through home security companies.

What Equipment Do You Need?

What type of equipment does your home need? For example, are you wanting to use indoor cameras to check up on your kids when they return home from school? Or do you want door and window sensors to ensure some of your home’s most vulnerable entry points are secure? Take note of everything you need and this will make it easier to cross off or highlight security companies on your list. For additional effectiveness, this step of evaluation might require some guidance from a security expert.

What’s Your Price Range?

Some security companies will charge you for everything and anything they possibly can. Make sure you start searching and speaking with security company representatives after finalizing a set price range of what you’re willing to spend. For example, are you trying to avoid activation or installation fees? Each security company has different requirements. Make sure you understand what they are before signing a monitoring agreement.

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Protect America Home Security Solution

Based out of Austin, Texas, Protect America has provided security services throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1992. They’ve engineered a way to save you a large installation fee by making the equipment easier to install. The easy DIY home security system takes approximately an hour to setup. Work with their team of experts to customize a security package to cover every part of your home. This will make sure your whole house is secure. Each piece of equipment is programmed and tailored to your specifications before it is shipped to you. Once you receive the equipment, all you have to do is plug it in. If you decide you need a few more sensors or motion detectors, you can always add it to your package at any time. Every package is completely customizable.

The monitoring services include:

  • Window, door, and glass break protection
  • Heat and movement motion detectors
  • Live video monitoring 24/7
  • Smoke, carbon, and heat detection
  • Connect to mobile devices anytime

ADT Security

For more than 140 years, ADT has provided home security for millions of families and business owners across the nation. They offer professionally certified technicians that will come into your home or office and install the system for a fee. They are available for questions and repairs if needed. With a 6-month money back guarantee, you can take your time to decide if you’re satisfied with the system.

Depending on the package, you could receive monitoring services that include:

  • Burglary monitoring
  • Remote arm and disarm
  • Video Surveillance
  • Fire, smoke, and flood monitoring
  • Garage door control
  • Home automation

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The Differences between Protect America and ADT

Protect America is less expensive when it comes to the equipment and monitoring services. Their services have a locked-in fixed rate, so the price will not skyrocket after an “introductory price” like some companies provide. Their lowest monitoring rate is $19.99. ADT starts at $36.99 and does not include the installation fee of $99.

Unlike ADT, Protect America will accommodate customers relocating to a new house with a free moving kit. Protect America customers also don’t have to pay extra to enjoy our mobile application. Instead, you get to monitor your home remotely from anywhere for FREE.

If you’re comfortable installing the equipment yourself, you should consider Protect America. The sensors are easy to install and you can always reach out to the customer service center for support. With no upfront costs or installation fees, it’s a great choice. Call now for a free quote.