When looking for home security, many people will search for the differences between Protect America and Comcast xfinity’s home security offerings. Many would assume that there isn’t very much difference between home security providers. However, the differences are quite stark. Especially when you run into a Comcast cancellation fee.


Protect America vs. Comcast’s Customer Service
No Comparison

If you search for Comcast’s customer service reviews, you’ll probably be alarmed at what you see. They have a 1 star rating on over 2600 reviews at Consumer Affairs magazine. Comcast’s individually poor customer service experiences have been well documented. Comcast’s complaints are so numerous, they even have their own Wikipedia page.

In contrast, Protect America has award-winning customer service. In Consumer Affairs magazine, Protect America has over a 4 star rating  on over 1100 reviews. For a more industry-specific view, the security publication Best Home Security Companys gives Protect America a 9.6/10 rating.

If you’re looking for a home security company, you’re probably also looking for a company that cares about you and your family. In terms of customer service, the decision is clear.

How do you feel about getting less for more?

If Comcast’s customer service is so poorly rated, you might assume that you would be at least getting a cheaper price. You would be wrong.

  • Comcast’s upfront costs are $199-$499. Protect America’s upfront costs are $0.
  • Comcast’s monthly price starts at $29.99. Protect America’s monthly price starts at $19.99.
  • At Comcast, 3 door or window sensor will cost you $39.95/month. At Protect America, 3 door or window sensors will cost you $19.95/month.

If you want to get the most value of out your money, the choice is clear. Protect America clearly offers a better quality customer service experience for a much cheaper price.


The Protect America Promise

At Protect America, we offer several promises along with our products. First, we offer a lowest price guarantee. That means that if Comcast miraculously starts to offer home security at or lower than our prices, we’ll match them. Speak to one of our security consultants for more information. Second, we offer no equipment fees. With Comcast, you’re going to spend up to $499 just to get started. That’s ridiculous. You shouldn’t have to save for months to buy a home security system. Finally, Protect America offers lifetime replacement plans for all of its equipment. That means that as long as you’re a member of the Protect America family, we’ll fix or replace your home security equipment. Comcast won’t offer you that.

At Protect America, we understand that home security can be confusing. Call today to get a free consultation from a home security expert.