Choosing a home security company is a big decision for most families, especially with the comfort and safety of loved ones hangs in the balance. With homes being 300% more likely of being a target when a home security system is not in place, it may be time to consider finding the provider that is right for you. Whether you are new to the home security industry or if you are simply seeking a trustworthy company that is right for you today, comparing some of the most well-known services is one way to get started. 


Installation Fees

With Protect America, skip installation fees that can range anywhere from $300 to more than $1000, and instead, opt to install your own cameras and motion detectors throughout your home.

By installing your own home alarm security system, save on monthly payments with Protect America. Whenever you are seeking a long-term agreement it is important to search for affordable rates and lower prices, which come with DIY home security system installation companies. Depending on the promotions that are current, LifeShield also eliminates installation fees as well.

LifeShield Automatic Contracts Upon Checkout

Upon checking out when using LifeShield you are automatically greeted with a contract that you agree with upon completing your purchase. The contract length is currently set to 36 months or 3 years. Without discussing your options personally over the phone with a sales representative, this can feel a bit overwhelming if you are unsure of the security system and your household’s overall needs. Whenever you are purchasing new home alarm equipment and selecting a new security company, be sure to inquire about contractual obligations, upgrade potentials, and whether or not the price you sign on for monthly is locked into place throughout the duration of your agreement. 

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Fire, smoke, & carbon monoxide poison monitoring are quite similar between Protect America and LifeShield Security. Both services provide smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide monitoring as an available add-on to the package you select for your home. With Protect America it is possible to add fire and smoke detection into your plan by choosing to upgrade to a home automation package.


Home Automation

Home automation with Protect America also provides HD video and recording, garage door control, smart door lock control, and smart lighting for complete and total control. Automation with LifeShield Security includes the ability to stream your security system live using your mobile phone in addition to receiving both local crime and data alerts. There is also four layers of backup protection for your home security system with LifeShield Security (cellular, landline, cellular text, and internet).

Are you ready to customize your home’s alarm and security system with cameras and devices of your choice? Visit to learn more about the equipment we offer along with our monitoring services while saving on installation fees and monthly charges. Keep your home and family as safe as possible from anywhere in the world with Protect America security.