Choosing the right security system is important when you want to protect your home. You need to make sure you’re getting the most value for what you’re paying. You also don’t want to skimp on essential protection just to save a little. As you shop around, you’ll see plenty of options that meet the diverse needs of countless homeowners.

It doesn’t take long to notice LiveWatch Security as an affordable option that offers plenty of customizable devices. You’ll also notice services like Protect America that offer comprehensive customer support and sophisticated personalized systems. How do LiveWatch and Protect America further compare?

LiveWatch vs. Protect America: An In-Depth Comparison

Here’s what both services offer their consumers. Use this information to see which one is right for you.


LiveWatch Security

LiveWatch Security is a system that’s easy to install and use. It has an A+ rating with the BBB, which boosts its credibility with consumers. Their devices can work during power outages since they can function on battery backup. Intruders also can’t cut the connection to LiveWatch’s monitoring system since the surveillance is wireless.

As the company has developed over its decade in service, it has added new additions like their ASAPer communication system, which notifies all the customer’s emergency contacts at once in the case of an emergency. There are other useful features like:

  • Customers can control the security system from their smartphone.
  • Customers receive text and email alerts if anything unusual happens.

The system is also customizable, including features like:

  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Sensors to detect motion around windows and doors
  • HD video cameras for precision imaging
  • GE Simon XTi 1.0 touchscreen control panel
    • Contacts police 
    • Enables two-way voice control

Protect America

Protect America has been in business for almost three decades. The company also has a wide variety of cameras, sensors, and other equipment to make your home security system meet your unique needs. The friendly customer service associates will consult with you to find out everything you need for your home to be properly secure.

You’ll enjoy handy security features like 24/7 live video monitoring, detection of harmful substances like smoke, carbon monoxide, and heat, and protection against break-ins via your windows, doors, and glass. You can also monitor your system through your mobile devices, making it easy to know what’s going on at any time.

How do Protect America and LiveWatch compare?

Both LiveWatch and Protect America are a user-installed wireless home security systems. This method saves you on installation costs. Protect America offers an informational DVD and live support while you install your system, but it’s so simple that even a 6 year-old can do it!


LiveWatch offers a minimum 12-month contract that you can cancel anytime. Protect America offers a standard 36-month contract for their new customers. The reason behind the longer contract for Protect America is that you can get more perks and better monthly prices when you spread out the length of the payments.

Overall, both systems are great for users who want to save on installation costs and install the system themselves. Protect America offers free quotes for all their goods and services and plenty of versatility.