Customers who have narrowed down to their top choices for home security often benefit from seeing a side-by-side comparison of the two to make their final selection. It is important to make that final choice carefully, and with all possible information, so homeowners can make sure they find the best home security system for their family’s safety needs. 

Protect America and MONI Smart Security are two high-quality home security systems that have over two decades of industry experience, making them both worthy of closer inspection for motivated home security seekers. 

Protect America

Based in Austin, Texas, Protect America’s technicians and customer service representatives have provided top home security to customers since 1992. The company’s southwestern location hasn’t stopped it from becoming a highly respected name in home security across the nation, securing homes in all 50 states. 

Protect America Services

While the company offers a larger menu of services, the team focuses primarily on the importance of monitored home security over non-monitored security technology like standalone cameras. It is always better to have watchful eyes that can catch issues before customers hear glass break or a dog barking. 

Following are just a few of Protect America’s additional services; 

  • Home automation
  • GPS tracking
  • Additional surveillance features that allow customers complete control of the protection of their property

Protect America Prices

Protect America prices definitely help put them in the lead among closer competitors. The company offers transparency in openly sharing their pricing on their website. The highlights of this reasonably priced home security package start with the lack of upfront fees and followed up with a $19.99 per month fee for professional monitoring.


Protect America Reviews

As a winner of several top awards just over the top decade, including Consumers Digest Best Buy for 2008-2012, it is clear that Protect America has strong qualities and a loyal base, notes Best Home Security. One customer shares:

The live chat feature is awesome, great service!

MONI Smart Security

MONI launched its business in 1994 in Monitronics and eventually rebranded as MONI Smart Security. The company currently serves more than one million customers around the country. MONI uses high-quality warrantied equipment and a variety of packages, which are primarily geared toward smart homes and smart technology. 

MONI Smart Security Services

MONI’s key services include smart home features, security cameras, energy efficiency and controls powered through MONI Amazon Dot. 

MONI Smart Security Prices

Since MONI Smart Security offers a broad range of services, they also offer a broad range of fee plans, tiered at $39.99, $49.99 and $59.99 month, depending on the services selected. 

MONI Smart Security Reviews

Features including its multiple packages and services, Customer Bill of Rights, low upfront costs and false alarm protection have earned MONI Smart Security strong industry marks. 

The Final Verdict When It Comes to Protect America vs. MONI Smart Security

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you, depending on whether you want a strong basic home security system with an attractive pricing package or something more elaborate at a greater expense. 


Interested in monitored home security with technicians and customer service representatives who truly care about your protection? Get a free quote from Protect America.