Choosing a home security system is tough for several reasons. And one of them happens when there are too many good choices to sort from! Shopping out your options can be overwhelming, but it’s much easier to split hairs when you know exactly what your needs are. Case in point: both SimpliSafe and Protect America are reputable home security companies, each with a solid lineup of security services for homeowners. Both companies, however, offer something a little different that may be a good fit for some folks, but not so much for others. Let’s take a look, shall we?


The Ins and Outs of SimpliSafe

As the name implies, SimpliSafe provides 24/7 monitoring service with no-contract pay as you go plans. Their systems include burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, flood and freeze protection. The products are easy to install on your own, and they are built in with cellphone chip technology that quickly transmits signals to their monitoring center. Depending on the number of features you want, you can buy either the Standard, Plus Texts, or Interactive levels of SimpliSafe. These levels may include video surveillance, email and text alerts, and app system access.

A lot of positive simplisafe reviews come from their attractive low prices and the appeal of it being wirelessly cellphone operated, which means there’s no phone line cord for the bad guys to cut. Now let’s take a look at what Protect America offers.

Protect America: A Quality Choice

Like SimpliSafe, Protect America offers phone line free cellular wireless security systems. But did you know that Protect America provides a security system that connects to the internet? It takes two seconds for an internet connected system’s alarm signal to reach our monitoring center. What’s more, if our monitoring center is down, we always have two other centers on backup. In addition, Protect America also offers a traditional security system that connects to a phone line because not all homeowners have internet or cellular access available in their area. And while Protect America’s prices are typically $20 – $25 more per month, you get what you pay for. Protect America provides light automation control, medical panic monitoring, and door lock automation in their services, whereas SimpliSafe doesn’t have any of them.

Wireless systems are great, but they’re not for everyone – that’s why Protect America offers a traditional phone line service for residents living in rural areas.


And the Verdict is…

SimpliSafe is a viable option for first-time homeowners and residents who prefer a security system that is no-contract and easy to self-install.  Protect America, however, provides more security system features and offers three connection options for the customer’s convenience. Protect America has:

  • Burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, medical panic alarm, flood, and freeze protection.
  • A Plethora of features for three levels, Copper, Silver and Platinum.
  • Received “Best Buy” award from Consumer’s Digest for five years in a row.
  • Price match guarantee for comparable items.
  • And more!

Curious to learn more about Protect America? Contact us today to get the scoop!